Finding free platforms for Big-Data Analysis? Unable to find best platform which is free? We have SaaS platform for you developed by IQLECT. Now you must be wondering that what is this IQLECT? Don’t worry, soon we will introduce you about IQLECT.

IT field is known as ocean of software, hardware and technologies which are discovered on daily basis. Every week or every month people get to know about a brand-new technology and how the technology will be helpful in the real-time work.  As you all know managing large amount of data is quite tough and so, we have BIG DATA for this.  Through Big-Data Analysis we can filter the large amount of data and store only relevant data.


Located in Bangalore, IQLECT is a startup company which is known for doing real-time big data analysis. For this purpose, IQLECT has launched an amazing platform known as SaaS. Having a team of 20 people, all the team members put all their efforts to make the process of analysing big-data in a more easy and affordable way in less time. SaaS is a platform with amazing functionalities which is easily available and can be easily upload and integrated into cloud.

Problems in Real-Time Platform?

People are facing lots of problem when they want to use such kind of platforms for Big-Data Analysis because some of the existing platforms are quite expensive or people are not able to find it if they are running a small or medium business. So, for solving this issue IQLECT is giving an amazing offer known as “Freemium package” through which users can use SaaS platform without paying a single penny whole life.

Meanwhile, other companies are also developing advanced technologies for analysing data but you may not get it for free. Using SaaS platform will surely make your work easier. Number of people are already using it and are quite happy with its features.

What IQLECT do?

The platform SaaS which is launched by this startup company, help their customers to slice and dice the data when the data is generated. They do the analysis of streaming data. The customers can also connect with any of data source. The company is located in Bangalore and we hope that it will get success and soon it will open other branches in more cities.

SaaS can be connected to various devices like servers, routers, switches. It can also get connected with various applications like apache, nginx,databases like oracle, mongodb and more. Some log files like syslog, custom logs are also included. Coming at the sensors it includes cpu fan, temperature gauge and it works with google analytics.


Having these amazing features and functionalities, it is recommended to all IT lovers to use SaaS platform and explore it. You can directly Download SaaS platform from various sites providing it. There is an official site from where you can collect all the information and answers of all your queries.

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