When it comes to blogging, traffic is almost always the first concern of bloggers! And to their respite, there are many sources of traffic- organic traffic, traffic from social media sites, traffic from bookmarking sites, traffic from online discussion forum sites, traffic from social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon etc .


Recently, over a 2 week long duration, I had been trying out imgur, the image sharing site that it being extensively used on Reddit also. I’ve been looking at ways to get some good old traffic from imgur. So far, the results have been amazing. On the best day, I managed to drive 800 odd visitors within few hours from imgur ! Not a big deal for many out there, I agree. But still, getting 800 folks in a matter of hours is a boon for many others! I’ll share the things that I did on imgur to get traffic to my blog.

Things I did to get traffic from imgur. It is not rocket science! Imgur is just another image sharing site. One needs to be a registered member before one can upload images on it.So, the first step is to register, which takes less than a minute.

The biggest advantage of imgur is that it is very close to the Reddit community also. It is also a well known fact that imgur was created to solve the image sharing woes on Reddit. One can upload images from Computer/web to Imgur. The point I want to prove is that imgur is brimming with traffic all the time, unlike hordes of other image hosting and sharing websites.


Now, how does one go around the site and get traffic to one’s blog?

Well, to get traffic, one has to be an active member, uploading images, viewing others’ images, upvoting, down voting etc. Access ‘Options’ to edit Title and Description of the image. While uploading an image, edit its ‘title and description’. Create a nice little title. In the description section, provide an intriguing description also. It is in the description section that you have to insert the url of your blog. After that, the most important step is to ‘share into the imgur gallery’ Enter an awesome title and description in respective fields.

Once title and description has been dealt with, don’t forget to add the image to imgur gallery. Now, imgurians usually don’t give a shit about the url or the source of the image. They only care about the image. If the image is cool, they’ll like it. If it sucks, they’ll down vote it. They may also leave positive or negative comments too!

 So, how to make them click on that url of our blog?

An example of how I entered url of a blog post in the image description. This is only possible if the image is intriguing, interesting or funny enough. For example, I uploaded a picture of exceedingly crowded Indian train and gave it an awesome title. In the description, I provided a link to an article on my blog that was all about crazy transportation scenario in India. In the description, I put up little teasers promising imgurians a stock of such images and articles. That made them click on the url!

The image hosted on imgur got 20,000+ views. Above 800 folks cared to click on the url! Not a good conversion ratio, but still, I got some traffic for merely sharing an image! Make use of that Reddit share button for better exposure! After uploading an image on imgur, you may also share it directly on Reddit too! There is a direct sharing button for that purpose! This will indeed increase the exposure of your image as well as the url in the description also!

An important message -Please don’t abuse imgur. Don’t treat is as a traffic generation spot! Be a genuine member, share awesome images other than self promotion stuff. Gather some up votes and boost your reputation. Also appreciate others’ images also. Imgur has apps available for leading mobile OSs. I use android and I already have the imgur app. It helps me make use of the site on the go and thus remain an active member!

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