Now a days, we get to see a number of websites being blocked because of various reasons. Some of the reasons behind these sites being blocked are: violation of laws in different countries, tradition and culture. Other reason that may lead to blocking a website are Admin of a computer does not want you to access that particular site through his/her pc, websites may contain spam, sites which have copyrighted products and also sell the same paid product at a cheaper price, pirated audio, video and applications/ softwares. So the rightful owner of these products have the right to get such things banned from other sites via ISP’s (internet service provider) help.

There are many ways to open a blocked website and here we come up with some amazing ways to open these sites using your own ISP. As we all know there are different softwares or applications used in order to block these sites, so to open up these sites all the tricks may not work out, but certainly some trick will be helpful to access blocked websites.

Rewriting the URL:

This trick can be helpful only when those websites are hosted using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Server Environment (DSE) and it may also have an unverified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) installed for that particular domain name. Due to the unverified SSL it will turn on the security notice tab. To continue access click on PROCEED ANYWAY . Doing this you can access blocked websites

IP usage instead of URL:

As the applications or softwares used in blocking the website aren’t known, so in this case, we are forced to use the Ip address. So if a site is not accessable via its url, try entering the IP address. To get the IP address, use the command prompt and the other way is using <> website.


Shortening of URL:

At times people can also block the IP and the URL, so the other way to access these sites is through shortening of these URL, which may help you to overcome the settings that block the site. SnipURL and MOOURL can be used in shortening of the URL.


Proxy usage in browsers:

 There are many sites out there which can provide free Proxies of any country. We need to make Proxy changes in the internet settings section.


Wayback Machine:

 This is an internet service which provides a copy of all the websites from the very first day they are launched or started. This service provider will have all the contents similar to the original site and is another way to access the information from a blocked site.

DNS (Domain Name System) changed:

                DNS contains all the information of all the websites of the world. When a site is blocked by any country they block it on their DNS server, which will deny the access of those blocked sites. Using OpenDNS or GoogleDNS a number of times can help us access the blocked websites.

RSS feed subscription:

If visiting a site provides you with an RSS feed then we can subscribe and only read that data using the RSS reader or an option to send the details to your email.

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