• Introduction to EDUBOLT:-

EBOLT provides an education and childcare based on web design class with provides you a platform to learn and implement your skill to design a website. Here you can educate as well as teach various students. Also you are paid according to the education.

Attributes which leads to veneration of EDUBOLT:-

  • EDUBOLT is one of the best internet learning sources for web designing education and childcare.
  • Your skills will be enhanced by this classes and course provides enough classes to learn web designing updating your
  • It includes an IEClass also.
  • There is nothing to install on the working pcs just you upload the work using an FTP client.
  • You can add your educational and childcare assignment, and students from SV/Excel import, or one at a time.
  • Student can securely log in and an upload their file for every assignment provided by web or FTP.
  • Student must mark their assignment complete as one view the source code or can run the files on provided server.
  • EDUBOLT’s education and childcareallows you to create as well as to upload HTMl, SS, JS and PHP files.
  • You can also specify a particular version of PHP 5 to 7.1 for your class to use it whenever required.
  • EDUBOLT has 10 years of expected growth with 3.6 Billion of internet users for education and childcare.
  • You can get a salary of $66k as a web developer.

Features of EDUBOLT for education and childcare:-

  • EDUBOLT is provided with much exiting features as well as useful feature from which you can learn as well as you can showcase your skill for the implementation of design.
  1. Teachers
  • Each teacher can have their own login id.
  • Teachers can manage lasses, assignments, and students to provide the best knowledge they have.
  • They can easily import and export from SV/EXCEL.
  • Also teacher an easily and securely access their students files.
  1. Students
  • Students an access EDUBOLT to view their educational and childcare provided assignment and due date of submission.
  • They can use FTP to upload their finished assignment, so that they can be get checked by the teacher and if found any mistake it can be solved.
  • They can run their files on EDUBOLT’s webserver through HTTPS which would be given to them.
  1. Classes
  • For various lass and course, students will be provided detailed education and childcareso that they could easily access their respective assignment.
  • Further all they can add all the lessons taught to them under their respective units.
  • Full details are provided based on education and childcare required to be known.
  • It is good for all the lasses as well as courses where HTML, SS, JavaScript, PHP are being taught.
  1. Security for education and childcare
  • Student’s data are in safe hand, no exchange of student’s information takes place to third parties which are not connected with EDUBOLT.
  • We only use SSAE16 SOC type 1 server.
  • Teacher can securely run student files.
  • Further, student’s files can only be accessible with their username and password.
  1. Lessons and assignments for
  • You can teach your students using lessons that are uploaded.
  • Also students an work in EDUBOLT directly

How does it cost to you?

  • $350/year per school for first year and domain is Subdomain.EduBolt.com
  • 75 students
  • $2 per additional student
  • $250/year per school for renewals and domain is School12345.EduBolt.com
  • 3 teachers

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