• EmailOnDeck.com is an email service that contains all the things related to temporary, disposable and throwaway email addresses.
  • It does not allows the SPAM to enter hence being safe to use.
  • It helps you to protect your online privacy and forbid you to give away your details on to any computer if insisted for the same.
  • A disposable email is provided that works at any website or applications.

Why to get it?

  • EmailOnDeck is email service that is simple and free. Wait, what? Are you kidding? Woo!! you read it right, with just two simple step you an use this email service
  • All the professionals across the world prefer this kind of email service to safeguard their personal information.
  • It does not allow the SPAM to enter hence securing your privacy and personal information, as many email services are not like this, so you an definitely rely on this kind of service which helps to secure your data in the best possible way.
  • It deletes all the emails in most secured way when needed.

Danger Factor:-

  • We all use our email routinely, and you find it no danger to give your mail address to anyone as you do not find any risks or danger in it.
  • But it is necessary to have safety measures while sharing your email address with anyone.
  • You must be thinking why is it so? Probably a good question. Let us put a light on the danger that could arise:-
  • Identify theft
  • Fraud
  • Loss of money
  • Increase in SPAM
  • Loss of individual privacy.
  • Oh no! It is quite a danger one, so it is better to have a prevention than a cure. So this email service can potentially protect you from any kind of danger.

General cases:-

  • When you deal with various companies, estate business, utility bills, electricity bills, water bills, credit card, debit card, loan, mortgages and other investments, you thrust them so do your business activity with them. But do you think that you should have same trust while sharing your email address with them? Well in that cases you need to have people that trust you and depends on you as there are least chances to do fraud against you if you know them well. Example like your friends, family, they don’t betray you let us hope so.


  • There are various ways to decide whether to give away your email address or not, for that you need to consider case-by-case conditions.
  • It is really important to you to understand that it is not necessary to provide your email address to use the internet.
  • These days it seems that every other websites ask for your email address to visit their website or to provide updates related to it. If you trust that website and you are sure about that, then you an share your e-mail address with the website and if not you must not give away.
  • If you give away your email address to an untrusted website you may be a prey of SPAM, fraud or theft. So think twice before you share your mail.
  • So by using this email service you can eliminate the risks of theft and various frauds.
  • A temp email address protect your identity from being theft.



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