Email marketing remains one of the most stable ways to reach your target audience online. It is fast, simple, relatively low cost, and can be insightful when studying the metrics that go along with it. However, email marketing is also one of the most difficult things for any business to do right.

Low conversion rates are often one of the first mentioned problems with the method. Second, almost 80% are never read. Third, the remaining percentage will be opened but only a small fraction will actually push through doing business with you.

So why do businesses still bother spending for email marketing services? Because it still works for businesses that optimize their email marketing strategies. Businesses need to continually innovate their email marketing tactics in order to get a better return on investments. While there are many ways to raise the chances of potential customers pushing through business with you after an email, there is no “one size fits all” formula.

Fortunately, basic principles of effective email marketing are not complicated and when done right, can deliver quality results. However, it can be beneficial to seek out a professional local SEO company to get the best results from your email marketing efforts.

Always use an email verifier

Once you’ve created a list of people to write to, you need to verify emails to be sure the emails you send will reach everyone. And an email checker is just the thing you need. Such a tool provides details on every analyzed email and tells if every email ID is active and it is safe to send emails to it or not.


An email verifier will play into your hands: the bounce rate will go down while the delivery rate as well as your reputation will be either stable or will even improve.

Always Personalize the Content You are Delivering

At a first glance, if people knew the email was sent automated, they would usually be reluctant or dismiss reading it quickly. Automated messages can be likened to a spam. It does not matter how good your offer is. If they recognize a formatted message that came out from a robot’s brain, there is a big chance there is no business that is going to happen.

Your subject and first paragraph in the email should exemplify a human element. Messages that try to create or establish a human connection in the first paragraph are eye-catching that ones that do not. Try rereading your email to yourself and pretend to be the recipient. If the message does not strike you like a human made it, it probably will be the same for the people on your email list.

It is important to start mentioning the recipient’s name in the greetings portion whenever you can. Names matter to people, especially when it pertains to them. Remove the notion that business has to be formal and seek a balance between informal writing. Formal writing can sometimes generate pressure to the recipient.

Specify the Message but Refrain from Giving Too Many Details

There is a limit to how much a person can process vague matters and details. Your opening paragraph should not only be an attention grabber. The intro must establish the message that you mean business.

A quick introduction that contains your name, what your business does, and where your business is located would be enough. Then follow it up with what the message is about. Lastly, your instructions for call to action from the recipient or how to reach you.

Always Make it a Point to Keep Things Short

People online have a relatively shorter attention span. Everything on their mobile screens can compete for their attention. Your business email can be just one of many to-read or to-trash list. However, that will depend on your first impression. Keep your paragraphs running on three to four sentences.

Your objective is to lay out all the necessary information to the recipient in a short span of sentences. Whenever you construct an email message, the length of the message is inversely proportional to the recipient’s interest to read it.

Simplify the Message and Exemplify Value

Let us say you managed to keep your message short, specific, and personalized. Is the message simple enough to be understood by anyone?

Use terms that are easy to understand. Whatever the service, product, or invitation you are offering is, your recipient may not have the interest to decode the message.

Your email response to an identified need of the recipient or probes the need of a recipient which you could possibly provide an answer to. Talk about what is valuable to your recipients and how you can deliver in simple terms. A call to action motion is suited after this portion.

 Segmenting Your Email Contact List

Not everyone in your email list is in immediate need of your particular product or service. This is where analysis of your potential customers’ activity comes in handy. Utilize existing customer behavior tracking tools and tailor it to your identified market. You may need to start thinking of investing in one if there is none.

Segmenting one’s business email contact lists raises the chance of reaching out to potential customers during their timely need of your service or product. Segmenting is one way to narrow in prospective customers to your business.

 Solicit Reviews and Feedback at the End

Your business page’s ranking could also be influenced by genuine reviews. This adds to your business’ level of credibility online which is what SEO aims to do. Social media platforms can be a viable option for redirecting your clients for reviews because of familiarity and ease.

Avoid Sending Emails at Short Intervals

It is better to establish a regular schedule in your email marketing campaigns. Frequent emails from the same sender can prompt recipients to dismiss the emails as spam or trash. This can contribute to your poor rankings once your emails are frequently flagged as spam. Establish a predictable schedule when your newsletter subscribers can look forward to generating more leads.

Offer Quality Content for Free

Informative quality content given for free can actually go a long way in building relationships with your customers. Though business is part of the agenda, sometimes providing some freebies they could practically use makes a better impression.

Get to Know Your Target Market Locally

Engage in activities that solicit more information from your target market. Beyond their emails and names, seek out what their individual interests are and what do all your customers may have in common.

Getting to know your target market outside online venues foster more connection and visibility. Learn from the past and keep evaluating your results to see what works best for your business.

Use automation tools to send emails

Email marketing is the means of reaching out to leads that demands lots of time if you do it manually. Which is why always save time and effort and use email drip campaigns. All the features provided by such instruments are handy and you will always benefit in the mentioned-above points: schedules support in sending emails on the days and time you need it, activated triggers let send messages to people when they perform a definite action, personalization variables create a feeling of being treated specially, the statistics feature gives details on how well the campaign performs, low pricing allows you to save money. Also, you can send as many email campaigns as you need depending on the amount of segmented lists of people.


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