Every student, be it in college or high school, has to pick up the job of writing an essay at more than one point in time. The fact of the matter is that creating a high-quality essay is not as easy as it seems. It is not just about how much you know about a particular topic and more about how coherently you can present the topic. Fret not as though it is not as easy as a breeze, it is not something unattainable. Let the following tips come in aid to help you write a great cause and effect essay outline.

The Introduction

An introduction is a way of presenting your position on a topic. The introductory part of your essay is the first glimpse the examiner gets of your writing style. This is the part of your essay that has the hook to grab the attention of the readers and make them want to read on. You can introduce hook sentences in more ways than one. It can be a relevant quotation or an astounding statistics that makes the reader want to know more about the topic. The introduction can also present a brief outline of the ideas that you are about to present in the essay. That way, the reader knows what he/she can expect to gather from the essay.

The last sentence of the introductory section should be such that it seamlessly takes the reader to the first paragraph of the body of the essay. Do not include too many paragraphs or sentences in the introduction as you do not want the reader to remain stuck to the introduction for long.

The Body of the Essay

The multiple paragraphs that come after the introduction form the body of the essay. The main purpose of the body is to explain in detail all the points that describe the ideas related to the topic. The general rule is that the very first paragraph should have the strongest argument, or example that you have regarding your topic. You should make the paragraphs follow a chronological order of importance from the most significant to the least.

Use as many relevant examples as you can to enumerate each of the points that you are mentioning. Do not use an example that is out of context as that will diminish the effect of even the strongest point that you are describing. After stating the example, make sure that you explain how the example proves the point. The body paragraphs are something that needs more than two sentences as you need not make it so concise that the ideas are not even described completely.

The Conclusion

The concluding paragraph should not feel like an afterthought even though it is at the end of the essay. This final paragraph is like your last chance to make a point, so it is essential that you do not deviate from the pointers that you have been enumerating for so long. You can think of the conclusion as something like a second introduction as there are many similarities between these two portions of an essay. Do not make the conclusion too long and just a few sentences would suffice.

These final sentences can make or break your essay so be cautious about how you want to end the essay. You can open the concluding portion with transition sentences like ‘in the end’ and ‘in conclusion.’ Provide a link between your opening sentences and concluding sentences by saying how you have justified what you had set out to describe in the introduction. Let the absolute final statement be something like a call to action.

Some rules go without saying like originality would be appreciated, and plagiarism would be penalized. You can take information from various sources and read some articles to gain knowledge about a topic, but you can by no means copy any sentences. Using your own words, thoughts, and ideas will earn you brownie points for the essay.

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