Social media is the biggest platform in today’s date for communicating, sharing events about life, sharing pictures, sharing location and many more things. Related to this we have a very famous social media platform known as “Twitter” where millions of people tweet and communicate with each other.

About EvergreenFeed

EvergreenFeed is a website where you can automate your tweets, so that even if you are away from tweet you will get all notifications regarding it on EvergreenFeed.

Do you have multiple accounts on Twitter and want to manage it? Searching for tools which can help you? We have a Free Twitter Automation Tool website known as EvergreenFeed.

Using EvergreenFeed, you can add your twitter accounts. The process for adding twitter account is quite easy. There are only two steps which you need to follow in order to add your account. Now you must be thinking that how it is beneficial for us?

Benefits of EvergreenFeed.

There are lots of people who are using multiple twitter accounts. It may happen sometime that you forget your password or get confused between different accounts. So, for this purpose, EvergreenFeed which is a Free Twitter Automation Tool was launched where users can add their twitter account so that they can remember login details of each account.

You do not have to pay a single penny for using this platform. It is completely free of cost.

How to Add Twitter Account in EvergreenFeed?

If you want to add your twitter account in EvergreenFeed, all you need is to sign up, login and you are done. It does not require lots of steps.

What you can do?

  1. Create bucket for managing content.

Being a user of EvergreenFeed, a user can create buckets which can be filled with tweets that they will get. Through this they will be notified whatever new tweet popped up in their twitter account.

You can create different categories for managing content by creating content buckets. For example, you can create buckets for thoughts, quotes etc. With this you will get a clear idea about which tweet belongs to which category. You will get a clearer view, so you won’t get confuse.

Schedule bucket as per your requirement.

Once the tweets are added in the content bucket you can set a time as per your schedule for posting those tweets on twitter account. You can select any day on which you want to post that tweet.


After registering once at EvergreenFeed, you are not required to open twitter every day. Just add your tweet and set a time, EvergreenFeed will take up from there. In this manner, EvergreenFeed is an amazing website which works as a Free Twitter Automation Tool. People who are using it are happy with the services and many are registering on regular basis.

There are many other free automation tools are available but this one is considered as the best one. Similar to Twitter there are automation tools available for different social media sites too.

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