Website designing is fun. You can create static and dynamic websites having various things in it. You can create it on any domain you want to and then keep it online. Many people like to explore internet so they keep on surfing and keep on exploring lots of websites from which some they find interesting and some they find boring.

Are you a website developer? Are you looking for some amazing cool websites, to get some idea? There is an ocean of interesting websites on Google from where you can find any website as per your requirement.

Today we are going to guide you about an amazing blog which is  where you will find some best of internet and cool websites.

About is a blog in which you can find other websites related to communication, education, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, news, productivity, shopping, tools, travel and local as well as trending cool websites.

You can use any of the listed website in the category. If you want to know the review of any site you can know it by just clicking on any website.

For example, if you want to know the review of stack overflow then go to à Tools àStack overflow and then read the review given below. If you like the review you can also visit the website by clicking on “Visit stack overflow” button provided at the top-right corner of the image. Similarly, you can read the review of any website from the given list.

The site is very unique and you may hardly find a website like this which has blog, reviews, suggestions, various categories having details about the top-rated cool websites and interesting websites.

If you search it, you may find similar kind of websites but not like this one. It has menus like Lists, Webapps, Websites, Forums and Maps. Let us see what each menu contains.

List: The list menu is having articles on various websites like Top 10 Pokémon Go Websites, Top 10 most popular websites in China and more.

Webapps: Webapps is having a review about a web-application.

Websites: Websites is having the review of top-rated websites like reddit, Google, Forbes and many more.

Forums: Through forums you can get an idea of which websites are available in this domain and you can find website as per your requirement.

Maps: In Maps, you can find popular websites of any country. For example, if you want to know popular websites in India then just go to Maps and click on India and then you will get list of popular websites.


Having these amazing features, it is an amazing platform to find website which you want. Explore this site and find the top-rated and most popular websites on

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