“FOND”!! You would be hearing it for the first time and you will be eager to know that what does it mean?  Affection for something. As the name says, FOND generates a place where the employees would get indulged with their work. Employee’s happiness is key to success for any kind of company. FOND helps you to advance your company to collapse the memories of your employees whether it is birthday bash or anniversary and make their day filled with joy, sparkles and happiness. In either way, it helps your organization to ascertain the milestones and might get rewarded for it with some promotion or bonus in wages or anything else.

What are the major Statistics that you should reveal once in your mind?

  • Now a day, employee benefits are more important for the up gradation of your company than ever.
  • Contributions of organization that led to employee are as much important as contribution of employee to organization. And they should be availed in prerequisite manner.
  • To equate this, Rewards are very much important aspect of any successful organization. Either, it can be in the form of compensation, benefits and recognition and so on. FOND allows you to make Rewards for your organization’s achievement.
  • It will allow your employees to feel that organization really do care for their employee’s happiness.

How does FOND suffice you?

FOND provides Perks to show empathy for your organization’s employees in either way such as by providing them discounts on programs. These kinds of perks, whether it is on small or large scale, are equivalently important to consider for every organization. It creates relax environment for employees and also It makes them work productively and efficiently.Ultimately,perks are the way to show that each and every employee of company or organization is important and also the contribution made by them is important too.

It is important to know precisely about your company’s employee. The thing that should be taken care of is that, the company’s employees do their work punctually or not. It helps your organization to drive your business growth faster and in severe manner. Engaged employees knows about what they need to do, they recognize the importance of their effort in contributing to the success of organization. So we can say that, Engagement of employee plays a significant role in determining rates of absenteeism. FOND provides facility named Engagement IQ. It is a survey for employees that help you to measure the health of your organization for free.

By integrating, all that comes up about FOND:

It is obvious that great things are not easy to build. But it becomes greater when you emerge yourself to make it greater and by some amount of perseverance. It will create some positive effect on company’s growth and overall development. FOND plays a role as helping hand for the organizations across industries and strengthen their companies all round development. FOND supports your company and that will enlighten your company with sparking happiness for today and tomorrow and helps in sustaining for longer period of time.


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