One of the biggest reasons for choosing a smartphone such as an iPhone is to utilize all of the apps and features that it provides. There are hundreds of apps available in the iTunes store that can help you organize and maintain your home, but finding the best ones in the sea of choices can be difficult. You don’t want to waste money purchasing an app that doesn’t work or is difficult to operate. There are several apps that rise above the others on customer satisfaction after purchase and positive reviews.

By narrowing the list down our top 4 here at Modernize, you can always download the best home maintenance apps without wasting time and storage in your iPhone.

Best Home Maintenance Iphone Apps


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Brightnest is a free home maintenance personalized app that will help you organize and manage everything in your home. You can search thousands of tips and tricks to help your lifestyle become easier and more effective. From cleaning tips to DIY projects, this app’s got you covered. Interactive quizzes help you determine the best solution for problems in your home and help schedule your time to finish all of your home maintenance on a relaxed schedule. Interior design hints straight from industry experts will help your home feel more beautiful and modern. The home maintenance app customizes itself to fit the special needs of your unique home, and it is totally free. One of the hardest things about home maintenance is scheduling your time, but this app has a handy scheduler, and it sends you a friendly reminder when it’s time to get something done.



Begin by filling out a questionnaire about your home and watch HomeSavvy generate a quick list of the things that need to be done. Never forget a chore again! HomeSavvy offers insider tips on how to complete all of the tasks yourself. If you decide there is a chore you don’t want to do, HomeSavvy provides a list of contractors in your area alongside customer reviews to make it a breeze to book outside help.


Grocery IQ

Never get to the grocery store and realize that you’ve misplaced your list again. Grocery IQ puts your grocery list right in your iPhone, safe and sound. You can scroll through foods, both brand name and generic, to choose exactly what you want. This app is especially good for couponers, as you can decide on specific brand names ahead of time to coincide with your coupons. The app automatically files the groceries by aisle. Once in the store, you’ll navigate the lanes quicker and more efficiently than ever, virtually eliminating impulse buying. You can scan barcodes of empty boxes before you throw them out to automatically add them to next week’s list. Sync with other family members to allow them to make special requests or do the shopping for you.



This home maintenance app makes sure there is no confusion about who is responsible for what chores within the home. Throw out the old-school chore chart and upgrade your family to a more modern way of assigning chores. Make a detailed chore list so that there are no questions about what is expected. Completing chores earns your kids stars, and you can offer a reward of your choosing in exchange for earning. A password keeps the parent as the assignor and the children from making unauthorized swaps.

So these are some great apps for home maintenance that will help you to maintain  your home. Choose your best out of it and enjoy

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