Are you a business man? Want to get FSSAI License? Do you know what FSSAI License is and How to get FSSAI License? The procedure is quite easy. We will be covering the major points which you need to know like What is FSSAI License? Why you need it and more. Let us start with what it is.

People who are running their business related to food, it is good if they have an FSSAI License. Because of FSSAI License, your business will get a food security assurance.

About FSSAI License

Constituted by ministry of health and family welfare, FSSAI License stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It has a stringent visualisation through which implementation on food business activities can be done through FSS act. The main agenda behind developing the FSSAI License was to be in touch and regular communication with all the food operators.

FSSAI is also known for the tricks using which they handle every issue related to food safety. They secure the human consumption food by regulating the manufacture of food, it’s storage, distribution and sale.

Who need FSSAI License?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) license must be issued by those who are food business operators like manufacturing the food, transporters, retailers, marketers and distributors.

Types of FSSAI License?

Basically, there are 3 main types of FSSAI License which you can issue. Every category has a price which you need to pay if you want to get the license. Let see the types and How to get FSSAI License.

  • If you want to get a basic license then you have to pay Rs.4500/- for it.
  • For issuing the state license you have to pay Rs. 10,500/-.
  • If you want to issue Central License, then it will cost you Rs. 17,500/-

How to get FSSAI License?

To get a FSSAI License, you need to go through these processes. Read all the steps carefully and follow the procedure. We will see every step in detail afterwards.

  1. Consultation of eligibility of the person who want to issue the license.
  2. Preparation of document.
  3. Drafting the application.
  4. Filling up the application.
  5. Issued FSSAI License.

Process to get FSSAI License?

  • If you are a new business, the first of all plan your business.
  • After planning your business properly, identify what is your business turn over. You will get the FSSAI License based on your business turn over.
  • There are various types of license, so recognize which license you actually need and apply for it.
  • Create your document having all your details.
  • Pay the government challan which is mentioned in the application.
  • You need to submit the application in the designated office.
  • Inspection process will be done after submitting the form in office.
  • Process of completing the license.

Once all these procedures are done you will get your FSSAI License.

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