The world today can be tough when it comes to looking for your perfect job. But there is a way around this debacle, however, for those that are searching for a fulfilling job that will give them the job security they need in a field that is best suited for the: a government job.  They are available and always looking to find new people to bring into the position with the right skills and qualifications.  If this is something that sounds interesting to you, keep reading to figure out how to get a government job you’ll love!

First of all, you need to understand just how far-reaching the government jobs are.  They hire people who have created the space station, to those who have sniffed out security threats from overseas.  They employ more people in the US than any other employer in the country than any other employer, combined.  They offer job positions in all sorts of departments that will suit majority of interests and preferences in job positions.  All you have to do is understand where the different branches of positions are offered, and make sure that you are situated in the right place to get the position you want – or that there is a telecommuting option that you are eligible for.  After all, you must go where the jobs are, so take that seriously into consideration before you apply for anything.


Jobs with the government are available at all qualification and skill levels, making it a create option to make sure that you into the right level for you and your educational background.  For those who are looking at a government position with only a high school education, you’d be best suited for an entry level position until you decide which way you want to move and how you can further your education to make sure you find the best place you.

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, you can look at getting into the government positions that are mean for your education level.  These mean more specialized positions in a field that you are already educated in, as well as the option of being given incentive to further your education in order to get a higher position in your field.  Here is the break down of the code to knowing which level you should be applying for: 

GS-1: no completed high school level education

GS-2: completed high school education

GS-3: same education level meant for clerk-steno options

GS-4: a completed associate degree or 2 years equivalent study time after high school

GS-5 (or 7, depending): a bachelor’s degree or equivalent time spend in study after high school

GS-7: a bachelor’s degree or equivalent plus one year of extra study time

GS-9: a master’s degree or 2 years of graduate study; a law degree

GS-11: a Ph.D or equivalent  in law.

With this chart handy, you should be able to make sure that you are applying for the right position so that you have the best chances of being successful in your job hunt.

Finding a Job

Make sure to keep an eye on the online database that is responsible for updating job positions and titles as they become available or are filled.  This will tell you the position, the education level required, the duties of each position, and the location in which it will exist.  This way, you will have a chance on finding the right combination of the job positions that will suit your lifestyle with minimal need to change your life.

If you have any friends or family that work within the government ranks, it would be best to see if they know of any job positions opening up in the near future so that you have the chance to prepare your application and apply as soon as they come online.  This will give you an edge in making sure that you get your name and qualifications under the nose of the person responsible for hiring you.

When you get the job

If you win the position that you’re looking for, you have to make sure that you do the best job possible in order to keep your position secure.  There’s more to it than simply showing up for work on time, doing your task, and heading home.  Make sure that you engage with your coworkers and build relationships with them as best you can.  Do the best job you can, every time, and if someone asks you to come in weekends or stay late every once in a while, accept.  When you make a mistake, admit to it, and make sure you learn from it so that you don’t make it again.  No one is expecting you to get everything right, but there are lots of people lining up to take your place, so don’t give your employer a reason to let you go, no matter how much your pride takes a hit.  Be professional in the workplace, and your employer will be the same.

Now that you know the ins and outs to government jobs, it’s time to get out there and start looking for one yourself.  There are all sorts of perks to working within the government, and anybody can get into the doors, assuming they find the right position and level for them.  Since the market is so rough out there right now, it’s important that you take every oppourtunity out there for getting a good, secure job that is a good fit for you and will make you feel useful on top of earning a good paycheque during this hard time.

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