Internet marketing is a platform from where you can start any business. If you have a great plan about what you want to do then you can get success easily. For beginners, there is an amazing platform known as Platform which will help their customers to reach other customers.

You may be knowing that your product must be unique and it must have some advanced functionality if you really want to attract customers, because only giving advertisement about your product will not help you.

About Platform. Platform is helping the new internet marketers, product advisers, and bloggers in getting quality reviews from other bloggers at a low cost.

How does Platform Works? is a collection of multiple websites related to marketing companies and bloggers. The bloggers and the companies can give their opinion or review on online services. They can also give sponsored reviews.

The main work of this platform is to check all the blogs which are new and to decide whether that blog qualifies for its eligibility criteria or not.

How to Use Platform?

The platform is really easily to access. Managing articles, financial information can be done easily. Whatever you do you can check in your stats, which posts are pending and which are approved. There is a separate tab in which all the information related to your transactions will be stored.

How Platform is helpful for advertisers, bloggers, tech reviewers and online markets?

If you want to promote your brand-new products, then this platform will help you in many ways.  You can target your clients with your innovative idea through this platform using online marketing as your medium.

Benefits of Platform?

If you are writing genuine product reviews, then you can easily earn good amount of money through online marketing.

There is no limit for publishing articles. You can write as many articles you want to and review products.

By building new links you can attract customers and get good amount of traffic on your blog.

Apart from all these benefits there is some conditions which needs to be fulfilled if you want to use this platform. Let us see which are they:

  1. Your blog must be having DA more than 25.
  2. Traffic must be good. There are some blogs which are free hosted blogs, make you’re your blog does not belong to one of them as it is not considered by this platform.
  3. Once you register on this platform, and your blog is not getting good traffic then it will be removed automatically from platform.
  4. You can use this platform for free for 7 days if you are an advertisers or internet marketer. If bloggers are using this platform for marketing they can receive payment through medium known as “PayPal”.


Looking at all these amazing features and functionalities, we reached to a conclusion that it is an Platform is very good and useful. We recommend this site to all of you who are a part of Online Marketing world.

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