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There is no doubt that digital jobs are the future of careers. The internet has opened up the world to many jobs that would have never existed thirty or even twenty years ago. It is estimated that 50% of school leavers will work in some kind of digital career in the future. Unfortunately, the education system is only just starting to realize the potential for jobs in digital industries despite the number of web professionals already in the workforce.

Some website design and website development professionals have been working in the industry for twenty years already. Many had very humble beginnings with no formal education but are now some of the wealthiest people in the world. They have been able to withstand job losses as a result of outsourcing from the internet. Early successful web professionals have often been misunderstood by the mainstream. This demonstrates the need for better knowledge about digital career paths for educators and young people.

Traditional Career Turns to Digital

Why is it important to think about jobs like website development or website design instead of more traditional jobs such as a lawyer or accountant? The truth is that almost every so-called ‘traditional’ job will be changed as a result of the internet and technology. For example, it is well known throughout the accounting industry that many jobs will be outsourced to the internet in the future. While these traditional jobs will still exist in the future, they will be reshaped and some areas of traditional professions will become obsolete.

If a young person decides to still take the traditional path of becoming an accountant and also chooses to become a qualified web designer they have almost limitless career potential. They not only have traditional careers skills but can adapt them to the online world. Their choices and earning potential increase exponentially. Here are some ways to increases the chances of gaining better employment in the future by considering a digital career.

1. Graphic / Web Design

This is one of the most important jobs on the internet as everyone wants to display a website that is better than the competition. Web and graphic designers are responsible for the graphics, motions, audio and general design of all kinds of websites and social media. Artists and graphic designers from real life have the potential to increase their job prospects by thinking about this digital career.

2. Online Marketing

A beautiful website that is nice to look at will not be successful without promotion. Online marketing is just like real life marketing but in a completely different form. Search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media are all ways to promote. Some examples may be raising the popularity of an online influencer on Facebook or increasing the website position of a website on Google. Traditional marketing skills can still be incorporated into the online form. The transition to technology may be difficult for old school marketers, but those with online skills have great career prospects.

3. Video Creator

Everybody loves online videos and they have branched out into all kinds of niches. Video creation is big business and the better and more popular content attracts advertising potential. Great videos creators from real life will find it relatively easy to transfer their skills to this digital career.

4. Mobile App Developer

This one is growing more popular and Apps are used on phones and tablets for gaming, information, learning, interacting and so much more. They have become an almost essential tool for many people. Those with IT skills and even new Mobile App Developers will see great career prospects.

5. Web and Software Developer

This is the brains behind the design and aesthetics. The programming abilities of web and software developers ensure that websites with HTML, Java and many other types of coding can run effectively. This job is made for the internet and those with programming ability will be highly sought after.

6. Online educator

Online education and tutoring has become an option for people that do not have the time, money or opportunities to travel to a location for education. The potential for online education is enormous and teaching skills will not become obsolete as technology changes education.

The choices are now clear for young people looking to enter the job market. Choose some kind of a digital career or risk the traditional jobs and hope they do not become obsolete or outsourced. Technology will continue to change the way we do work and those ready to work online face a bright future. For the traditionalists, it is all about thinking unconventionally about how to use existing skills in the online environment.

About the author: Riya is an inspired writer writing in several areas of expertise. With spending her years working marketing communication, Riya is delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. Connect with Riya on Twitter, @sanderriya.

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