Cryptocurrencies have become undoubtedly, part of our lives. You can buy anything (I really mean it) with them and access to them is becoming easier by the day.

I mean, just look at the numbers.

According to, the bitcoin atms around the world have increase from 502 installations on January 2016 to over 3.500 installations on August 2018. In less than three years we’ve seen a 700% increase.’

Another chart from shows the number of Blockchain wallet users worldwide from the first quarter of 2015 to second quarter of 2018. From three million wallets in the first quarter of 2015, to OVER twenty five million wallets on the second quarter of 2018.

That’s over 800% increase in users in little more than 3 years. Note that Blockchain is just one provider of Bitcoin wallets. There are hundreds other cryptocurrency wallet providers out there with similar gains in account registrations.

So, in order for you to understand better what’s going on here, we’ve compiled a small list of five important resource pages from the web that can get you into the game faster.

These resources below will:

  • help you stay updated on what’s going on with this crypto-apocalypse,
  • Will help you understand where to spend them.

Let us begin.

  1. Staying Updated with the latest news

To get into the game as fast as possible, you need to be updated with the latest news and developments around the crypto industry. Searching for the keyword ‘’bitcoin news’’ on Google will land you hundreds of different websites that cover cryptocurrency topics.

The real question here is though.. Do you have the time to go through all of them every day?

I guess not…

Wouldn’t be nicer if you could check all the latest news and developments around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from single website?

Well I have the solution for you.

You can read all the latest headlines from over 50 news sources from a website called Satoshi’s Brain, aggregates the headlines from the top 50 most popular website in the crypto space and delivers them in a single page.

These guys went even further and they aggregated on another page in their website the tweets from the top 50 most important twitter accounts and the reddit pages of the most popular reddit accounts.

Again If you want to stay update with the latest news, is the ultimate resource.

  1. Spending your bitcoin or cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, you can buy ANYTHING with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Just head over Overstock and buy furniture, anything related to home decoration, jewelry, clothes, shoes you name it.

If you are not impressed by Overstock, what If I tell you that you can spend your bitcoin on Amazon.

Yes, Amazon, you read that right.

A website named allows Amazon Gift Card Holders to exchange their gift cards for bitcoin or bitcoin cash (you’ll learn what bitcoin cash further on in your life J). Bitcoin and bitcoin cash holders can exchange their coins for Amazon gift cads.

And once you have your hands a $50 Amazon Gift cards, you know how it goes from there. You buy from Amazon.

If you are more into entrepreneurship, then we have good news for you too.

Nowadays, you can Register a domain, buy hosting, buy Content Deliver Services, pay for your email marketing platform and promote your newly founded project through banner advertising.

The website has a lot of guides on where to spend your coins specifically targeted on entrepreneurs.

For example, they have a list with companies which accept bitcoin for website hosting, they have a list with the top domain registrars who accept bitcoin and other cryptos, they even have a guide on how to buy litecoin – the bitcoin’s ‘’little brother’’.

That should be a good start in learning more about cryptocurrencies if you are an entrepreneur.

Bitcoin and the crypto-revolution is already here. If you haven’t jumped on the train already, then do so NOW. You might be banging your head on the wall in the near (really near) future. The first thing you need to do is to ‘’get inside’’. Start with Start reading the news. Then get your hands on some coins. Spend some to learn how things work. Then, in time you’ll be ready.

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