‘Oil Filtration’ is a process of removing contaminated particles from the equipment in order to increase its lifetime. Industrial oils have various groups of petroleum products that are widely used in many manufacturing industries.

The purpose of this is to provide lubrication for various friction units.

  • An oil filter used for oil filtration are designed to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil.
  • Major use of oil filtration is in internal combustion engine, light aircrafts, and various naval vessels.
  • Further an extremely important, Gas turbine engine needs oil filtration.
  • In early days oil filtration was not used because the oil available was of low quality and oil changes were very frequent.
  • For the production of industrial oils, oil fractions that boil over 350 ͦC are usually used.
  • Currently there are about 100 names of industrial oils in the manufacturing industries, out of them 46.6% of them are used in the Hydraulic systems, and 41% are used for gear and worm gears as well as heavy duty elements of industrial equipment.


  • Types of oil filters used in oil filtration :-
  • Mechanical :-
  • This type of filter uses an elements which is made of bulk material such as cotton to entrap the suspended particles.
  • Magnetic:-
  • This type of filter uses a permanent magnet to prevent the magnetic particles such as ferromagnetic particles from entering into the system
  • Centrifugal:-
  • It is a rotary type device use to remove sediments or an unwanted particles by using centrifugal force.
  • Sedimentation:-
  • It is a gravity type of filter, it will allow the contaminants to settle down at the bottom of the vessel or a container, preventing to flow along with the oil. Hence oil and other impurities are separated
  • Transformer Oil Filtration:-
  • Transformer oil filtration is the process to remove sludge, moisture from the oil with would affect its function.
  • Transformer oil are useful for smooth and continuous running of the transformer as its acts as a dielectric substance which helps in maintaining their temperature.
  • Requirement for the transformer oil is that it must be dried and filtered.
  • During its usage, the oil absorbs the moisture from the dirty particles, impurities etc. which contaminates the oil.
  • Even before the use of the oil, the oil absorbs the moisture from the air hence reducing its own efficiency.
  • Therefore oil filtration is extremely important to remove the moisture as well as various impurities present in the oil.
  • Requirement of Oil Filtration:-
  • Major reason behind the failure of the transformer is contaminated oil.
  • It is mandatory to filter the oil to be used in transformer.
  • Further when required, replacement of oil must be done.
  • Failing in filtering of oil will leads to following consequences:-
  • Overheating, resulting in the reduction of the efficiency.
  • Decrease in the insulating strength of the oil.


Various Oil Filtration systems:-

  • Laboratory filtration System Unit UVR-L
  • FU Filtration Unit
  • UVD Vacuum Filling Unit
  • Types of common contaminants:-
  • Abrasives:-
  • These are very hard contaminants in the form of dust or dirt which causes a severe damage.
  • Water:-
  • It is the common contaminants that causes problem to the equipment.
  • Mostly there are three form of water:-
  • Dissolved Water
  • Emulsified Water
  • Free Water



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