Google is updating their algorithm to better handle the doorway pages.  According to Google representative Brian White, Google is going to launch a new ranking adjustment to address doorway pages that do not add value to the search result. For example, the user may come across a list of search results that all point to the same website. This can make the user frustrated as it brings them to a website that they did not like.

Google Doorway Page Update

What are Doorway Pages?

Doorway pages are optimized to rank for a specific keyword or phrases that are not mentioned on other parts of the website. They are designed to rank in the search result. They usually do not have any navigation link to other parts of the website. Doorway pages are often mistaken as landing pages. The difference is that doorway pages do not provide useful content that are valuable to the visitors while landing pages does provide information that are helpful for the visitors. They often have irrelevant content compared to the phrase that it has aimed to appear in the search result.

Examples of Doorway Pages

Doorway pages can also lead visitors to intermediate pages that are less helpful than the final destination. Doorway pages can have multiple domain names or pages that target different regions or cities.

Ex :  You are at this post and it is optimized for doorway page and you know you are still able to read this. A page that is optimized for the search engine not for the users.

They do not have a clearly defined browseable hierarchy. Google has listed a number of questions that webmasters should ask themselves when determining whether a page is a doorway pages.

How Your Website Will Be Affected

The algorithm change will have a heavy impact on websites that carry out large doorway campaigns. Google introduced the change in hope that people will stop using doorway pages. The aim of carrying out the algorithm update is to provide users with search results that are relevant for them.

Google does not encourage spam practices that manipulate the search engines and deceive users in order to redirect them to other sites. Google will take action against doorway sites. For example, they may remove the doorway sites from the index of Google. Google is against affiliate site with no value, doorway pages, content that are automatically generated and scraped content.

Matt Cutts has posted a video to confirm tweets of articles from a website on Twitter accounts are not considered as doorway pages. Cutts stated that webmasters don’t have to be SEO experts in order to be found on Google. Google has advised webmasters to avoid creating pages that have little or no unique content. The algorithm update is different than the Panda update which targets on the quality of content.

How to Recover It From

If you don’t want your site to be penalized, you should avoid using doorway pages for your campaign.

  • Make sure the pages on your website provide useful content and not stuffed with keywords.
  • Keep a unique single page that you want to show to user doesn’t matter from where your visitors are coming.
  • Avoid using multiple no of same pages with keyword stuff content.
  • Use a single domain to deliver the unique and valuable content. Avoid subdomain, Avoid content scrapping.

Google claimed that many webmasters tried to increase the ranking of their website by creating duplicate pages with a long content but does not provide any useful valuation information to the user

Google said that it will take action against websites that want rank higher by displaying scraped content from auto generated pages. Google also do not encourage webmasters to accept money in exchange for putting a link in their content to point to irrelevant doorway pages. Hosting doorway pages can have negative impact on your website reputation.

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