Google inbox one the best email application developed by google considering Ui (User interface). Please loved this google inbox interface and everyone looking to have it, even people were begging for invite you might have seen on your wall Initially google was giving inbox on invitation that makes users more curious and exciement to get it. Later on they make it open for all. You might be using google inbox but you were not supposed to open google inbox in mozilla but the recent update made available google inbox to mozilla and safari.

Google Inbox is still technically in beta, but now google is expanding to make inbox available to all users that is the reason google is now allowing inbox access to all android tablets and ipad.

Previously google inbox was suppose to work in only google chrome and android app but now you will be able to access google inbox in mozilla and safari. You don’t need to use any third part plugin to access google inbox in mozilla and safari.

Inbox is still technically in beta, but Google is now expanding its availability to more users by opening up access and extending compatibility to Android tablets and iPads.

Google inbox in mozilla have the same interface that you were getting in google chrome so browser would not be a issue anymore.

In contrast to the limited rollout from Inbox’ early days, Google is now dispensing invitations to the service quite liberally. Just write to to get yours.

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