What is the point of having a lovely website, stunning and feature rich if no one can find it? Your website needs to be optimised for search engines like Yahoo, Google, AOL, Bing etc. These search engines do not pay a lot of attention to how your website looks. They are concerned about the quality of content, alt tags, design of the website etc. to give everyone a great user experience. If you are a business owner and wish to get the competitive edge in the market, combining the power of WordPress and SEO will help you get amazing results. You can reach out to the targeted audience faster and improve visibility drastically to get better search engine ranks!

Understand what search engines are looking for to get success

As a business owner, you must understand what search engines want. If you are not aware, your website will never be ranked. People cannot find you, and you will face dwindling profits. Everyone uses the Internet today to find the products and services they are looking for. If you are careless about SEO, chances are high your business will sink into oblivion in no time.

What is SEO and why it is necessary for you for improved page ranks?

If you have a WordPress website for your business, it is vital for you to optimize your website for search engines. No matter how perfectly you have crafted your website, it will have no value if search engines cannot find it. It will never work for your business if you do not have an effective SEO strategy in place. If your website is SEO friendly, higher the chances are it will appear on the first page of Google ranks. This will help you get targeted consistent traffic for your website.

SEO- your buzzword for success

SEO is the key buzzword for online marketing success. All business online has a common objective- they want high search engine ranks and appear on the first page of Google. However, most of the time, people get carried away with SEO and fail to achieve their desired targets. Experts in the field say the best way to do SEO is to use some common sense and keep things clear and simple.

WordPress SEO Plugins- use them to get improved visibility

Luckily WordPress offers you hundreds of effective SEO plugins to take care of important factors that generate better search engine optimization ranks. However, professional SEO Adelaide experts give you some more tips and tricks to ensure you get page rank success and improved visibility in the market. The following are some simple techniques you must embrace to get powerful results and success-

The URLs you see on your website and its posts are called permalinks. In ordinary terms, these links are used by people to reach your business website and view its pages. They are used by other search engines and websites to link your business website. WordPress gives you default permalink settings to allow you to change them as per your needs and convenience.


You should have a sitemap for your business website. Your website may contain several pages, and if you want to get your site indexed by Google, a website structure is important. It is simple for you to create a sitemap for your website. Use the Google XML sitemaps plugin to get the sitemap for your business website. Google will be able to index your site faster.

Google Analytics

There is a popular and helpful analytic tool by Google called Google Analytics. It is free and helps you to keep track of the traffic on your business website. With this tool, you will know about the source, behavior and other attributes to help you reach your targeted audience better. Google Analytics helps you perform a number of online tasks like the location a 404-error webpage, evaluating the behavior of your online visitors, warding off referral spam and more.

Use search engine optimised themes

WordPress allows you to use SEO optimised themes that help your business website to get a strong foundation. When you are searching for a theme for your WordPress website, opt for a theme that will optimise SEO to its fullest extent. A good SEO optimised WordPress theme will give you code and speed. This will make it faster for the Google bots to navigate through the source codes and find the code it needs to rank your business website high on search engine ranks. Consider the following factors-

  • Use meta title tags and heading effectively
  • Have a neat and clean structure with proper HTML that is valid
  • Use canonical URL meta tag correctly
  • Incorporate open graph meta to improve social media shares

Use SEO plugins

WordPress has several SEO plugins- the most popular being Yoast SEO All in One. This single plugin will take care of all your SEO needs for your business website. With this plugin, you must add a meta description, meta tags, keywords etc. In short, you will get a platform with complete SEO solutions with this single plugin. These easy to use SEO plugins helps you to improve the on-page SEO with a snippet review of Google Search Results. With these plugins, you can generate XML sitemaps for your website as well. SEO plugins give you everything you need and places tensions to rest.

Optimise your media and make your content shareable

It is vital for you to optimise your media and make your content shareable. Use the name and tags wisely. Write content that is information rich and shares them on social media to attract a relevant audience to your website.

With the aid of these simple tips for improving the search engine optimisation of your site, you can make your business get the competitive edge in the market. WordPress themes and plugins help you improve visibility. You can increase targeted audience and click-through rates to your website. All of these factors are instrumental in promoting your website and giving you high search ranks and improved visibility on search engines with success.

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