Are you a new content writer and want to proof-read to check whether there is grammar mistake or not? Searching for Grammar and Spell Check Online Tool? You are at the right place. While writing a content we do make mistakes and sometimes we are not able to catch it. But for making a content unique and error-free you should try to avoid grammar mistakes. But what if you want to check your content to correct it using some tool?

For that we have various Free Online Grammar Check Tool available through which you can check your content and correct the mistakes you have done.

We will be discussing about the Top 6

Tools but let see what it is and why we use it.

About Grammar and Spell Check Online Tool

Ranking website on the first page of google is not at all easy task. Your website must contain good quality content. It should not be copied from anywhere, it should be unique.

The tools will help you in making your content grammar- free after which you can publish it on your site and do the SEO on it.

Let us see which are the Top 6 best tools available for us.

  1. Grammarly
  • One of the most and well-known tool available for us is Grammarly. Grammarly tool will go through the whole content you have written and at the right side it will display the error as well as corrections. You just have to click on it to correct your mistake.
  • Grammarly is having a premium version in which features like plagiarism and vocabulary enhancement is included. You can also Download Grammarly Extension on your browser.
  1. Ginger Software
  • If you are writing your content on word, then you need to download this software. Ginger Software is an amazing grammar and spell checking tool.
  • Errors like contextual spelling, misused word can be corrected through this tool.
  • The Ginger Software is available for online as well as offline mode.
  1. Paper Rater
  • Paper Rater is an online grammar and spell check online tool. Freelance writers, bloggers and students can use this tool.
  • Paper Rater tool is completely free and you don’t need to download it.
  1. me
  • Considered as one of the best grammar checking online tool, will correct all the mistakes in your content and will make it error free.
  1. Language Tool
  • When you will copy paste your content in Language Tool, it will make the text blue. Take your pointer to that blue portion and then it will display suggestions through which you can correct your mistakes.
  1. com
  • Apart from grammar mistakes there are many other mistakes like punctuation mistake. You can check punctuation by using this tool.



The tools which are mentioned above are some of the best Grammar and Spell Check Online Tool. Make your content error-free by using these awesome tools.

  • There is an editor in which you can write your content and whenever you will make mistake, it will correct it.


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