The term ‘Technology” is wide and everyone has their own way of understanding the meaning of technology. So in today’s scenario technology means best facilities, smartness of devices, easiness of everything, more compatibility etc.

But as technological development increases there should be more bad use of that things, which is depends upon human nature and use.

So, as human enters in the picture than security must be needed in every perspectives whether it is technological or not.

So what is security? What are the types of security?

Security is the state of being free from the danger or threat. There are to many types of security like national security, home security, human security, cyber security etc. So when human security is consulted at that time the main thing comes in parents mind is the security of their children.

So as we talk earlier that technology may be misused by anyone and as today’s modern culture, the person having an age between 13-18 years are more demanding for smart phones and other devices. Parents provide everything that their child demands but after providing these facilities, the biggest responsibility starts, which is to control their child for misusing of social media.

So, what are the risks of using smart phones?

In the modern world the school students have their own mobile. People are addicted to the mobiles phones very much. At the small age the people are started using the mobile phones. The signal from the mobile phones will affect the small children and bring them the brain diseases very soon when they are young. According to the survey nearly 70 to 80 percentages of the students mobile is having the porn videos and the porn photos. There is one more point to focus, which is social media. At the very young age they use whatsapp and other social site. So it’s biggest responsibility of parents to check their children’s phone to ensure that everything is going well.

So, How to create safety and security for anyone?

Yes, there is a solution which is ‘Whatsapp Spy’ or ‘Mobile Spy’.

So how it works?

These whatsapp spys are one kind of tracking applications. This provides enough features to spy on any activity that takes place on the target phone, no problem whether it comes to text messages, call logs, photos, WhatsApp messages or any other activities you are interested in. it is very easy to use and with the use of it we can observe every activity of target phone.

So for using this application we have to first found a good whatsapp spy application. Than we have to install it in target’s phone than it instantly start to gather every data of target’s phone. The observer should have to create online account so the gathered data is transferred to that account and a person can observe the activity of targeted person.

So the features we have to check is the ability of application to view all media files of whatsapp, having an access to whatsapp text messages and the phone’s contact list. There should be a facilities to block and restrict access against some bad content.

So this whatsapp spy provides some security like as child lock and make parents feel free from misuse of smartphones and social media.



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