As the smartphones have taken over our lives, privacy seems to be getting compromised in many ways. People nowadays use their smartphones in so many ways, from clicking photographs to storing bank account details. Every other bits and byte stored on your Android smartphone are private to you, and you might not want anybody to peep into it without your permission. Though there are several checkpoints for maintaining security has been placed by the Android developers. But those seem to fail at times. Here is how you can make your data more secure, we’ll let you know how you can hide files, photos and apps on your Android devices. So let’s get started.


There are several methods to go about hiding stuff on your Android smartphone and tablet. The most common are by tweaking some things using a file manager, and the other one is by installing third party apps.


Let us first talk about how you can use any file manager to hide stuff on your Android device.


  • For this method to work, you are supposed to install a decent file manager app on your Android smartphone and tablet. We would recommend ES File Explorer for that purpose, as it adds up as a root explorer too.
  • Just fire up the file explorer app and navigate to the folder or file that you want to hide.

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How to hide a folder?


  • Navigate and locate the folder that you want to hide.
  • Rename the folder by placing a ‘.’ Before the name. For example, you want to hide the folder named ‘Pictures’; you must rename it to ‘.Pictures’.
  • The Android file system will not recognise it, and it’ll not show up anywhere but the file explorer app itself.

How to hide files in a folder?


  • Navigate to the folder, the files of which you don’t want to show up anywhere on your Android device.
  • Now create a new file named, ‘.nomedia.’ and just press ‘ok’ using the file explorer app.
  • The files in that particular folder won’t show up anywhere.


How to hide a single file?


  • Navigate to the location of the saved file.
  • It is similar to the ‘folder hide’ method, just rename the file name by placing a ‘.’ Before the desired name. For example, suppose you are to hide any file, named ‘image12.jpg’, simply rename the file to ‘.image12.jpg’ and the android file system will not show it anywhere else.
  • Though, the file will be shown when you try to access it through the file explorer app.



This method still can be bypassed easily if anybody can gain access to your file explorer app. And the stuff like SMS, calendar events, apps and photo and videos in batches can’t be hidden using this method. So, there are certain third-party apps that let you do all these in just 3-4 steps. Let us go through them one by one.


How to hide files on your Android device using File Hide Expert

So, the app File Hide Expert pretty much do what its name says. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for free. The app is just like a basic task manager app that lets you hide files on the go.

  • When you are firing the app for the first time it’ll show that your hidden file list is empty, you can tap the folder icon in the top right section of the screen to begin hiding files.
  • As long as you know the location of the file(s) you want to hide, you are good to go. Just navigate to the file(s) location, and simply add these files to the hidden list.
  • You can then use the ‘Hide all’ option to hide all the files from the hidden list. And these files can then be restored back when needed using the ‘Restore all’ option.

  • Of course, everybody who knows a little bit about the File Hide Expert app can sneak into your hidden list of apps but, NO! you are also getting this additional facility with which you can set a password. Without which you can neither hide nor restore any re-hidden files from the hidden files list.

Though hide file expert is a great app for hiding all the files on your device, it is not that great for hiding bulk images and videos. KeepSafe is a better alternative if you want to hide photos and videos.

Download Hide file Expert


How to hide photos and videos using KeepSafe


KeepSafe allows you to set a PIN so that your hidden photos and videos are kept safe from any attacks from intruders.

  • After setting up the KeepSafe app by adding a PIN and naming the hidden vault name, you can hide your photos and videos.

  • You can always, use the KeepSafe app and look for the photos that you want to hide and just simply use the ‘hide’ button to proceed.

  • Alternatively, you can also use the default Gallery app and use the ‘Share’ button and then choose KeepSafe to add the photos or videos to your hidden list.

Download Keepsafe

How to hide apps


As android’s default launcher doesn’t provide us with the ability to hide system and non-system apps from the drawer we need to install a third party app launcher. The best launcher for Android smartphones is Nova Launcher.

  • You can download the free version, but the Nova Launcher Prime is recommended.
  • Just open the Nova Launcher settings page and then App & Widget Drawers then hide apps.
  • You can choose an app(s) that you want to hide, and they’ll not be shown on the app drawer.




Though these methods are foolproof if anybody with strong desires wants to get access to your phone data, can try and easily circumvent these checkpoints. The best method of hiding the data is saving and hiding it on a non-mobile data.

Let us know what all app(s) do you use for hiding your personal data from intruders.


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