Today technology plays a very important role in our daily life making huge differences in our daily living. Technology is growing so fast that we have more gadgets than friends, we have more time for gadgets rather than for friends. On such fast growing technology where time matters a lot can you expect things to happen very slowly like it used to be? Everything today is growing faster even in the real estate market, why?

When it comes to buying a property, rent, PG & Hostels etc., why does it take so much of hard work and time to go here and there? At such kind of time, came up with an extraordinary project to bring solutions to all the problems which was quite impossible to change the concept before Housing was born. provided the biggest platform in India where people could browse easily and find out the best house for rent or they could easily find the solutions for all these problems. Currently Housing is one of the top real estate companies in the digital market, hence if you are one of those property brokers, property dealers in Faridabad for example, you have a wonderful opportunity to become an agent at housing which is already having lots of customers. It will be very easy to sell out the property faster at the best price, hence it’s the best place to expand your business with Housing.

Housing agent app

Housing Agent App:

Housing Agent App is built only for Housing agents who are working with Housing so that they can take control over their business easily using their Android phones. Agents can easily control their business using this app by getting connected with their customers or networking with other agents and get many more benefits.

Housing Agent App Features:

  1. Agent can gain control over the business which he or she is doing with Housing. This App allows user to make all necessary changes in the listings or other important queries.
  2. It is a best platform to get connected with more agents who are also doing similar business. It can sometimes help in expanding the business even more.
  3. Agents are given full freedom to request for addition of new listing of properties, remove the properties or request for  editing the listed property.
  4. Agents have all the benefits of getting complete notification about the leads and customers, whom they can contact directly.

In this way the agent can easily expand their business with Housing by making use of the App. Overall, Housing is one of the biggest platforms for real estate broker and property dealers in Kolkata or any other city.

If you had personally used this App kindly let us know about the experience that you had via comment.

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