Gone are the days for cashless payments; brace yourself up for contactless payments. Launched in the US by Apple, the contactless payment system has now been introduced in the UK as well. With this system in place users of iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple watches in UK would be able to make payments up to £20 simply by touching their gadgets to the payment terminal. There would be no need to type a pin or number.

How and where to use Apple Pay

How does Apple Pay Work?

Before you learn how to use Apple pay, you must understand that it is in fact a digital wallet which lets its users use the debit and credit cards. Apple’s Passbook app is the app through which the payments are made. Apple Pay can be used in two ways: online and at a land based store but only by Apple Watch, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users. The system uses Near-field communications (NFC) to allow payments.

The details of the card used by the user are already in the smartphone. Using these details, Apple pay makes the payment for the item purchased. However, it has an added security feature known as tokenization, which provides a single use token to the merchant. Using this token, the payee gets the payment without getting any card details. In addition, Apple’s Touch ID system ensures that the payments are verified by the fingerprints of the owner.

Where to use Apple Pay?

An important consideration now is ‘where to use Apple Pay?’ Apple users would not be surprised regarding this as several banks, retailers and credit card companies have shown their support for Apple Pay. Retailers who are already using the contactless payment system have given their acceptance to support the system. In UK, the Apple Pay system can be used at stores like McDonald’s, Costa Coffee, Spar, Marks and Spencer, Boots, Transport for London and Liberty, Starbucks, Wagamama, KFC and a few other outlets. Online users can use the system at stores like Addison Lee, Ocado, easyJet, Zara, British Airways, Domino’s, Hailo, lastminute.com, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Argos, Just Eat and hungryhouse.

For online payments, the system would work exactly the way PayPal works for smartphones from Samsung. You will probably have to download Apple Pay and use it make payments at the sites supporting the system. At present there is a limit to the amount for which payments can be made this way but Apple has promised to increase this limit soon.

How to use Apple Pay ? Video Tutorial



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