Do you want to rank for your desire keyword and looking for huge traffic from search engine in short time ? Ofcouse you must be looking to rank for your keyword on the very first page of google. Yeah you can achieve it once you build your own private blog network and manage it well you can do it. You would love to see the results.

PBN one of the best way to build solid link that can help you to rank for your keyword in short period of time. All you need to build and manage PBN perfectly.

Who don’t know what Private Blog Netowkr is ? Here is quick overview for them.

Learn How to build own Private Blog Network


What is PBN or Private Blog Network ?

Private Blog Network or PBN is network of high authority network of websites that are usually made from expired domain having quality link profile.

The main purpose of Privte BlogNetwork is to build high quality links that can be controlled by our own. Usually we build link from external source and we don’t have any control over it. Using PBN all the links can be control by your self only.

Why use PBN or Private Blog Network ?

As i have already mentioned in the definition of PBN that PBN are made up of expired domains that have high domain authority. Google consider backlinks from high authority website as compare to low authority website.

Let take a example of Domain. A domain that have backlinks from , have more weight in google eyes.

Private Blogs Network allows you to fully control backlinks to your money site. You can add backlinks or remove whenever you want. Even if there is any update of google algorithm then you will have full control of the backlinks pointing to the money site that the awesome advantage. Once you build your own private blog network and rank your keywords on top you will automatically get to know benefits of private Blog Network


Finding domain name for Private Blog Network ?

I would say this is the most important and difficult task when finding domain name for private blog network (PBN). Buying expired domains for Private blog network is the good practice. If you are building Private blog network you will have to buy expired domain that have good domain authority and quality backlinks profiles. You might be wondering what kind of expired domain to buy ? wher to buy ?  I’ll tell you few checkpoints while choosing domain name for PBN and from where to buy expired domains.

Place to buy expired domains for PBN



This is the time consuming task when you are searching expired but you can outsource this task by contacting Domain agents available on different forums.

Things to know before finding domain for PBN


  • Domain Authority (DA) should be more then 20
  • Should have quality backlinks from high authority sites.
  • Atleast 10 baclinks and 20 Unique IP referring to it
  •  Domain should not be banned from google
  • Trust Flow = 15+
  • Citation flow = 15+

Understand about TF and CF  –

Domain authority can be checked by SEOMoz –…

To check Trust Flow and Citation flow you can check from this link –

Try to avoid using original names while registering Domain names for PBN. Use any Fake name genrator and get the names after that signup with same name to outlook or gmail to use it for domain registration. Use Proxies or VPN if you are choosing different countries name in the domain registration details else godaddy may lock your account.

I hope you would not face any issue choosing domain name for private blog network, all you have to follow the points that i have mentioned above.


Choosing Webhosting for your Private Blog Network

Hosting a PBN network is the most difficult task and expensive one that most of the people fails to maintain it. Choosing good hosting for PBN is the most challenging task. The reason behind is every domain of your PBN needs to be a unique IP address. If they are on same IP address there may be chance that same persons owns the domains so it is advisable to have unique IP address for each Private Blog Network.

Unique IP address reduce the footprints of the network.

IP address , IP address, IP address what kind of IP address require for Private Blog Network ?

Your domain should have C class IP address for each domain. Lets take an overview of C block IP address. You probably heard there are 4 blocks in IP address.


As you can see each one of these sections is very easy to identify. Your domain names should have unique IP address from CCC from the example above that means your ccc part should be unique for each domain. Here is the live example of C block.

This is the IP address is good for Private blog network

So the dirty part is actually obtaining a c class IP address. There 3 ways to obtain C block ip address for PBN

  • SEO hosting
  • Cheap Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

These are the 3 kind of hosting you need to build Private blog network.

I won’t recommend you to use SEO hosting because leave the footprints of your PBN Cheap Hosting is an another hosting but it is time consuming

Reseller hosting is the best option to choose i will tell you why.

  • Obtain unique IP address
  • You can automate work with autoinstall of wordpress
  • better than SEO and Cheap hosting
  • You can host 10-50 domains

Quite fast to setup PBN

If you are looking to build more then 20 PBN then reseller hosting is the best options to choose.

How to design website for Private Blog Network ?


This is the very common question people always think and confused about it. You might be thinking how PBN blog should look like ? Right ? PBN is same as blog looks but make sure to use different theme for each blog. If you will keep same design for all blog there may be a chances to get identified by google that they are own by one, so keep unique theme for all blogs. Don’t worry about theme and plugins. Use free theme where you can add unique header and background that makes wordpress blog unique.

Designing a logo ?

I am pretty lazy to design a logo for each blog but it is not required to have cool attractive good looking logo on your PBN.  Its not your money site. Just make sure all the logo of the PBN should not be the same.  You can design logo online or using any logo that will not take too much time to design it else you can outsource on just type logo in the search bar you get tons of gigs that are providing unique logo just for 5$

Which plugin should i choose for PBN ?

I knew it this question will arise in your mind so let me clear about it for you. plugin doesn’t take much importance here just use the basic and required wordpress plugin that are free one.

Here is the list.

  • SEO by Yoast
  • Akismate
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Link Privacy


Few keypoints to remember while building your private blog network

  • Use Unique theme on each of your PBN
  • Do not use same plugin for all sites
  • Keep unique user for all wp PNB
  • Make sure your site look legit

You have learned the basic concept of PBN its advantages. You have choosed domain names, designed a website for PBN now another steps to write content on your Private Blog Networks.


Writing content on private blog network

This is the question mostly people ask for. Writing content on Private Blog Network  is same as you write on your blog. Unique and fresh content. Try to avoid duplicate content Somehow spun content would be ok but duplicate content won’t work anymore. You have to show a legit looking site to google so you will have to take care of it.

Don’t publish content on PBN until and unless your PBN is not indexed by google. Make sure you write content that are related to our money site for whom you are taking backlink for.

Write 300 – 500 word articles with atleast one image or video. Try to give backlinks to authority websites. Don’t try to do keyword stuffing or targeting keywords on the contents you are not going to rank PBN for keyword, you have rank your money site.

I have seen few people build Private Blog Network with crap content even that type of content that doesn’t make any sense and put keywords on it and gets backlinks to money site and claiming that they own a PBN 😀 Private blog network is not all about getting backlinks. You have to manage it well once your PBN is penalized you would be in trouble.

Avoid showing dates from your post. If you are using wordpress then kindly hide it using plugin there are lots of plugin available to hide dates from wordpress blog if you are good in coding then you don’t need to install any third party plugin. To build Private blog network you must have to do it else it is not required.

How to get Backlinks from PBN ?


Linking PBN to money site is the most important and interesting part of PBN even you guys might be scrolling this page to find it 😀 Its Obvious we build Private Blog Network to link out money site to give backlinks to it.

Place one link to each article of each site don’t overload with tons of link of same site. Put your link as a anchor text in the keyword and it should be there in the first paragraph of the article that comes under the article excerpts so that i will appear on the homepage of the website.

Make sure your link should be appear on the homepage of the article excepts.

Keep anchor text link that looks natural. Avoid use of Exact match keywords anchor text. Using Synonyms is much better using EMD KW if you are really concern to build private blog network.

Note : Don’t ever interlink your PBN Networks

Keypoints to remember while linking PBN to money site

  1. Get links from Article excepts of 200 or 150 words
  2. Avoid placing keywords on General Keywords like “web Designing”
  3. Use long Tail keywords for backlinks e.g “Web Designing company in Vadodara”
  4. Use keywords that has low volume

Can I monetize my Private Blog Network ?

Its optional you can monetize your PBN but don’t use any google, yahoo programs to monetize it. I won’t recommend to do so. You can use infolinks, chitka or any other affiliate program and yeah you can sell link to other from your PBN and can earn a good out of it. But don’t publicize your PBN . Don’t let other know that it is PBN

When i build private blog network i did not monetize with any program but its upto you.

Here are few Monetizing Programs you can use for your PBN

  • AddClickMedia
  • Clickbank
  • Buysell
  • Chitika


 How can i hide Private Blog Network from competitors ?


Hiding footprint of PBN is somehow critical. Our competitors always have eyes on our money site and they always tries to find backlinks of the money site. So it is require to block the kind of website that reveal backlinks. You would have to block bots of that site to access your PBN

If your network is revealed then there might be chances your domain could be deindex and you what happens after domain is de-indexed. Your PBN would no longer pass link juice to money site.

There are some network that can reveal you backlinks of money site. but still you can hide Private Networks From Open Site Explorer, Majestic, Ahrefs & Spyglass?


Now the question is how to block these sites ? So here we go just add below codes to .htaccess file to each blog of PBN

This is the code to block private blog network

SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*rogerbot.* bad_bot
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*exabot.* bad_bot
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*mj12bot.* bad_bot
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*dotbot.* bad_bot
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*gigabot.* bad_bot
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*ahrefsbot.* bad_bot
SetEnvIfNoCase User-Agent .*sitebot.* bad_bot
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all
Deny from env=bad_bot

Once you add these codes to your .htaccess file all the bots of the above site will be blocked and your competitors would not longer to track your backlinks and your PBN anymore.

You can also use Wordpress plugin to hide your Private Blog Network from competitors “Link Privacy plugin” is free plugin to hide private blog network

If you have good budget then you can choose this plugin Spyder Spanker Pro for the same task.

Wooo that’s it 😀 Now you can build Private Blog Network by your own. Do let me know your comments.[/sociallocker]

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