Social media is probably the most important marketing channel a small business has. It allows you to be in constant connection with your customers and clients and to have access to data about how they interact with your company.

That’s what makes building a social media brand that important. It’s going to be the main way your customers interact with the company and the mouthpiece for your whole agenda.

There are no clear rules as to how this is accomplished since social media presence needs to be authentic and come from the unique features of your business.

Know your audience

The first thing to do in order to create a brand is to know who the brand is for. Knowing your customers goes beyond knowing their interests and their pay grade. Dig deeper and your brand will be better suited to the needs of the customers.

Luckily, social media provides you with a lot of data that you can use in a proactive way. As time goes by, you can create a loop with which each new online follower helps you create better content.

Track everything

Keeping track of your activity online helps you create a better and more recognizable brand. The most obvious things to track are how many new followers you’re getting and how much they are interacting with your company online.

This isn’t everything; actually, it’s not even the most useful metric out there. Conversion rates that showcase how the following turns into sales and revenue are what your main focus should be. In the end, the main goal of online branding is to expand your business and increase profit.

Have a unique voice

There are a lot of channels that you can use to contact and connect with your customers. Some of them are more personal and offbeat while others are professional and industry oriented. It’s imperative to stick to a unique and original voice on all of these channels. That way your online presence becomes easily recognizable no matter what platform your use.

In order to accomplish this effect, companies should employ professional marketing agencies that will shape their message. These agencies should understand the environment from which the company comes, that’s a why a Melbourne company should use brand strategy for Melbourne in order to seem authentic.

User-generated content

Online marketing is very well suited to support user-generated content. It makes the customers feel like they belong to the community instead of simply using the products or services. This content helps with advertising because it’s authentic and showcases your products first hand.

This is also a cost-effective marketing strategy that is much less expensive than professional content, but has a greater effect since it relies on actual users and their genuine experience. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean this content is actually raw; it can still be managed or filtered by you.


Influencers are power users on social media that have a command of a lot of followers and are respected in the community. Their charisma can help with branding if it’s used in a subtle and honest way. Making deals with influencers gives you access to their audience and their authority in the industry.

It’s imperative for these brand deals to be transparent and for everyone involved to know when influencers are working with a company and how this affects their opinion of the company in question. Promotions that aren’t transparent may seem to be inauthentic.


Branding needs to be consistent, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t change as time goes by. In fact, it has to in order to remain relevant and useful. This should be done in an organized way and with a plan in mind.  Brands should go through a scheduled review every couple of months.

These reviews will help you shake things up in your marketing team and make changes where they need to be made. They also help you keep your brand interesting and new for the customers you have for a longer time. This is a necessity in the industry with a lot of competitors.

Building a brand on social media takes time and planning, but when it’s done, it can help you expand your company and keep it profitable.

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