Do you want to spy your partner’s iPhone? I know it’s illegal, but what if I say you can do it if the iPhone is owned by your relative, or loved ones? Then you can do it. If you want to still do it in a legal way you can tell them that you are going to do iPhone Spyware. There are various methods through which you can do it, but today we will be discussing about How to do iPhone Spyware without using Jailbreak.  Let us see what is Jailbreak first.

What is Jailbreak?

Like we root our android devices, jailbreak is used to unlock iPhones. When you use jailbreak in iOS devices, it will allow you to use the applications or software which is developed for iPhone by Apple company itself.

If you jailbreak your iPhone, the applications which is not used by Apple can be downloaded by you. Apple does not have permission to use those applications but you can download them using the Jailbreak functionality. Another thing which you can do is you can customize the user interface of the iOS.

Because of Jailbreak, the files available in the system can be changed if you don’t want them in your device and then you can download applications for free. You don’t need to buy the applications.

The next question which arise here is how it is related to Jailbreak? How to do iPhone Spyware without using Jailbreak?

How to do iPhone Spyware?

iPhone Spyware can be now done without using jailbreak too. How? There are number of free as well as paid software available which will help you to do iPhone Spyware without jailbreaking the device. The only and mandatory requirement for doing this process is that you should have the iCloud ID and Password of that device on which you want to spy. Without this it is not possible.

What can you spy in iPhone?

Once you have the access of the other iPhone, these are the following things you can access:

  1. You can read the text messages. Both received and sent messages. It also includes iMessage.
  2. Can get contact numbers.
  3. Keep an eye on calls.
  4. You can access applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, viber and messenger.
  5. Keep an eye on the events in which they are going.
  6. Keep an eye on which applications are installed on the iPhone.


Doing iPhone Spyware of some one’s device is not a good thing but it can be done in the legal way. You can do it if they ask you to do so if they are somehow not able to access their iPhone due to some problem.

Apart from this there are many other ways through iPhone Spyware can be done.  If you want to do it for testing, do it legally.

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