Affiliate Marketing one of the popular trending way to make quick cash. People are struggling to get into affiliate marketing.  There are lot of things need to know before starting a affiliate marketing campaign to make money out of it and the biggest and important step is to find niche in affiliate marketing. Finding  a perfect and profitable niche is kind of big task and many people even fail choosing right niche. Here are the few things you need to remember while carrying out this step.

Carrying Out a Niche Research

Conducting an effective niche research is necessary in order to succeed in affiliate marketing. Many affiliate marketers fail because they chose the wrong niche market and keywords. You should carry out a proper keyword research before buying a domain as your domain will be based on the keyword you choose.

 Choosing a Niche Market with Low Competition

The niche you choose should have very few competitions so that you can dominate in the search result easily without having to spend a lot of time on SEO.

The niche market should be a long tail keyword with reasonable volume of searches. Long tail keywords have higher conversion rates and can easily rank on the search engines because there are not many websites are competing for it.

To locate a niche market, you should first choose a category of product that interests you such as garden, kitchen and etc. Next, you must choose a sub-category. After that, you must narrow down to a product niche that is profitable and worth promoting.

Checking the Overall Professionalism of the Sales Page

You can quickly go through the sales page to see if the affiliate product you want to promote. The sales page should be written in a professional manner. A professional sales page will have attractive graphics that are unique and creatively designed. The layout of the sales page should be neat without any fault. A professional sales page should also have security and money back guarantee seals.

If the sales page has a good overall level of professionalism, you should read through the sales copy. The product has a higher conversion rate if the sales copy put emphasis on the selling benefits. You should also check if the vendor provides an affiliate resource. The affiliate resources contain all the essential information to help affiliates make sales.

Your Own Opinion about the Affiliate Product

You should ask yourself if you would buy the product. If you would really buy the product, you should promote it. If you feel that reading the sales copy does not motivate you to buy the product, you should find another product to promote.

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Monthly Search Volume of the Niche Market

The niche market you choose should have decent demand. You can use the keyword research tool to check for the monthly search volume for the niche. There should be at least 10 phrases relevant to your niche with thousands of search volume. This niche research process is necessary to determine if there is a potential to obtain solid traffic that can convert into sales.

Using Google Trends to Do Research on Seasonal Niches

Some niches are seasonal so it is only worth promoting during a specific period of time. For example, Christmas affiliate products will only sell during Christmas season. You can use Google Trends to do research on the seasonality of your niche market. Google trends will show you the interest over the niche in the past 12 month period. Newbies in affiliate marketing should choose a niche that has fairly constant demand throughout the year.


In conclusion, it can take quite some time to conduct the niche research. The niche you choose is very important because you will be putting a lot of effort into promoting it. The niche you choose must be easy to monetize.

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