Today i have come up with the solution of the most common problem that you might have faced with your windows pc. Its Ntdll.dll errors. In this article i am going to show you easy steps to fix Ntdll.dll errors.

Ntdll.dll is an error that occurs in the loading of the Dynamic Link Library when the system is booting or launching certain programs. It appears due to an improper installation, deletion, or updating of an application in Windows, causing said error. Lets understand what it is and how to Fix Error Code Ntdll.dll

Ntdll.dll Causes

Error code Ntdll.dll may appear before or after an application is used, while an application is running, during an installation, when Windows is started or shutdown, or even while a program is running. Still, almost all ntdll.dll errors are as a result of issues between Windows and other programs, corrupt hardware drivers, or a damaged or corrupt form of the ntdll.dll file.

Ntdll.dll errors may also mean that a piece of hardware in your computer is malfunctioning, but this is rare.

Main Reasons This Error May Be Encountered:

  1. There is a .dll file corruption due to improper entries to hard drive
  2. Missing or deleted .dll files
  3. Misconfigured .dll file due to updated or new installation
  4. Virus attack on .dll file

Manual Techniques or Tactics to Help Fix Error Ntdll.dll:

If you’re interested in fixing this Ntdll.dll manually, it may be a long and sometimes difficult process, and is highly recommended that one seeks the help of a professional. Before calling for help, follow these troubleshooting tips below:

  1. Restart the system— Ntdll.dll error could be a one-time error due to a temporary issue, and a restart could fix the problem.
  2. Reinstall the program that was deleted or modified as may have caused the error.
  3. Check the service package level that is running from Windows, and check site support as service packs have been known to cause this error.
  4. Scan the computer for malware and viruses.
  5. Disable certain Internet Explorer add-ons. If Ntdll.dll error only displays when Internet Explorer is started, running or closing then an add-on may be to fault. By disabling each add-on, one at a time, it is easier to determine which add-on is the problem.


The Ntdll.dll error code can appear on nearly all Windows software drivers, plug-in, or program on any Microsoft operating system. If the problem persists, run the Windows System Restore application to get back the previously good configuration of the computer.

The process to Fix Error Code Ntdll.dll can also be automated by utilizing a powerful utility tool

Why Use an Automated Tool to Fix Error Code Ntdll.dll

Depending on why Ntdll.dll error code was encountered, you might have to employ the use of an automated tool. In cases where malware is at the root of the error code in question, an automated tool will be able to complete a thorough analysis of the error and remove the problem completely.


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The same applies for your computer’s registry. To Fix Error Code Ntdll.dll,  an automated tool will be able to penetrate your computer’s registry and get the job done as needed. Not only does an automated tool protect your computer on a temporary basis, but automated systems such as Total System Care provides real-time protection and as long as the software is installed, your system is covered. It protects your privacy and accelerates your computer system.

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