Ubuntu is one of the best Operating Systems used. Ubuntu provides with great security features that cannot corrupt the Operating System or other User Files. Ubuntu 15.04 is another solid entry in the distribution’s it is suited for end users with plenty of convenient development tools.

If you are a developer or you loves Ubuntu this post really help you out to install Ubuntu 15.04 on your windows. I’ll be adding video tutorial to install Ubuntu 15.04 soon to this post.


  • UNITY 7.3
  • Ubuntu Linux KERNEL 3.19
  • Application Updates
  • Compiz 0.9.12


Ubuntu Itself provides You THREE different ways of launching the Ubuntu 15.04.

We will provide you with the best possible way.

All you need is Ubuntu 15.04.iso, Universal USB installer, min 4 GB USB disk. A pre partitioned area in your machine for installation.

Here are the steps to download and install Ubuntu 15.04 on your windows 7 or 8

Step 1:

Download UBUNTU 15.04 in 32-bit or 64-bit.

Go to Ubuntu Website; Download your Ubuntu 15.04 from there.

Step 2:

You need to download Universal USB Installer to create a Bootable usb for Linux.

Install UNIVERSAL USB INSTALLER, which will help you in making a Bootable CD, DVD or USB drive for linux .

Step 3:


Step1: Select your Linux Distribution box with UBUNTU.

Step2: Select your downloaded UBUNTU 15.04 iso file.

Step 3: Select your USB flash drive. You can format the drive if needed. And press create Button, a dialog will open, please read it and press YES.

The process will take time, so please be patient.

Step 4:

Create a partition of more than 15 GB for UBUNTU 15.04 Installation.

Click on start menu and type in disk partition. Create another partition with the free space. And decompress it. This newly created volume is optional, but it’s better to create this partition before installation.

Step 5:

So you are ready with the whole tools, now it’s time to install UBUNTU 15.04 on your machine.

RESTART your computer and open BIOS SETUP

GO to BOOT option

And keep your Removable Device on top on Boot Startup; this will help in booting your USB disk.

Now save the settings and reboot the device.

Step 6:

At your reboot you will be able to boot from your USB drive. If not, then press bootable disk option while booting disk (press f1 while booting to show you options). And select USB from that option. This will surely work and get you to running Ubuntu. Here you can install Ubuntu or try Ubuntu.

Step 7:

Select your Language, Press on Install Ubuntu.

Check Download updates while installation and be connected to internet, and also check install Third party software. And press button continue.

Ubuntu is smart enough to check the disk and as we have partitioned just install it on the new disk that we partitioned.

Step 8:

Select your location

Select your Keyboard

Select your Password and account info.

And now it will install Ubuntu 15.04.

And then finally installation completes, press reboot and you have Ubuntu Installed


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GRUB Boot loader will help you load UBUNTU or OTHER OS, you can select any OS that you need.


IF you are a windows 8 user then do enable Legacy boot and select USB boot from the BIOS Setup. And the n follow the installation steps, Enjoy.

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