Many people who have purchased Windows 8 want to know how to install it from ISO. The benefit of installing Windows 8 from an ISO via a flash drive is that it becomes convenient for you to work on different computer. There are 2 methods to install Windows 8.0 from ISO. You will need the Windows 8 product serial number on the retail box to activate the Windows 8 installation.

#First Method

The first method involves downloading the mediacreationtool.exe file from Microsoft site. The mediacreationtool.exe is the Windows Installation Media Creation Tool.


In the Windows Installation Media Creation Tool setup, select the Language, Edition and Architecture.

install windows 8 from iso

After that, select ISO file and click on the Next button.

Install windows 8.1 from iso

You will have to select a location where you want to save the ISO file and press the Save button. The Windows 8.1 ISO file will begin to download now. When it has finished download, click on the Finish button.

Download window 8.1 from iso

#Second Method

The second method only works with retail Windows 8 that has a retail serial number. You will have to go to Microsoft site to download the Windows8-Setup.exe file onto your desktop.


After finished downloading, you must click on the Windows8-Setup.exe file to run the setup. You will be prompted to enter the retail Windows 8 key. You should enter the product key on the retail box. This method will only work with a retail product key and not an OEM product key.


Windows 8 setup Product Key

Windows 8 setup Product Key

You will now see which Windows version is going to be downloaded. You should click on the Next button to begin downloading. When it has finished downloading, it will attempt to verify the download and prepare the files. Next, you should select the Install by creating media radio button and click on the Next button.

Install windows 8 from setup file

After that, you should select the ISO file radio button and click on the Save button. You are to navigate to a folder where the ISO file will be saved. After you have navigated to the destination folder, you should enter a name for the ISO file and click on the Save button. Finally, you should click on the Finish button.


The above two methods allow you to create a bootable drive with the ISO file such as USB drive or DVD. You can use the bootable drive to perform a clean installation of Windows 8 on your computer. The removable drive should have at least 4GB of space for Windows 8 32 bit installation. For Windows 8 32 bit installation, the removable drive should have at least 8 GB.


Before carrying out the Windows 8 installation, you should backup all the files on your removable drive and your computer. To boot from the removable drive, you must plug it into your computer. After that, you must select the removable drive as your first boot in the BIOS in order to start the Windows 8 installation setup. Booting from a USB drive is faster than booting from a DVD. There is a lower chance of error installation when you boot from an USB.


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