Improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your travel website does not need to be difficult. Following the best SEO practices will help your travel site rank well on Google.


Here are 11 tips to improve the SEO for your travel website, and promote your site through link building.


1. Host A Quality Site

To attract quality backlinks for travel websites, your site needs to be a quality site. Check to make sure your site is not slow-loading or is dormant. Ask yourself questions such as whether site upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS?


Check with your web host on how you can improve site speed. Old code, photos that have not been compressed, are two of the culprits of slow loading sites.


As for content, you must add content to keep your site from being dormant. Google rewards sites that add new content.


Did you know that half of all searches are now on mobile phones? If your site is not responsive, you will turn away these searches before potential clients can see your fabulous content. Responsive design makes visual adjustments for mobile device users. 


An upgraded site will be faster, be mobile-friendly, and keep more customers. A quality site will make your organization look more professional and attract backlinks. Most importantly, this is an essential key to good SEO for travel website like yours.


2. Know Your Customer

Before you can update your website or create a travel SEO strategy, you need to know who your customer is. Are they on a budget? do they need tours? do they want a luxurious cruise? Identify the traits of your customer to create the optimal marketing strategy. 


3. Branding

A digital marketing agency can help you create your branding Yet, branding is more than visual. Branding also includes your travel niche. Make sure your content and social media reflect this information.


4. Link To Your Network 

You already work with established vendors, tour guides, associations, and travel influencers. Create backlinks with these very organizations you work with within the travel world. Besides improving your SEO, you may have a chance to broaden your customer base. Your travel partner’s customer may be loaning for exactly the product you have to offer.


5. Local SEO 

Local SEO is often forgotten. Completely fill out a free Google My Business form and be sure to include your social media links. Don’t forget to also include your business address information on your site. Half of all searches are local searches, and this information makes your site rank higher for local searches. 


Another local tip is to work with your local university to earn backlinks. University students will likely be traveling home or on spring break. Meanwhile, they may have some family or friends visiting them. Out of town students may not know of any local travel services. Help them out by connecting the dots, and earn a quality backlink as a bonus.


6. Press Release

Create a press release and send it out to news media outlets. What might your press release include? For example, you may want to conduct a survey of your top 10 destination spot for spring breakers or families. You could publish this list, and include some travel tips in the press release. 


This is a win-win situation. News outlets are always looking for interesting information and top 10 lists are always popular with readers. In return, they will be linking to your site, giving you that coveted quality backlink.


7. Guest On Blogs and Podcasts/Radio

Travel is a popular topic that has endless possibilities. Offer your services to guest blog on another site, or to be interviewed on a podcast or radio show. This allows you to establish yourself as an expert. So, your website will profit from potential new customers and quality backlinks. 


There are many ways to approach this. You can choose the general topics in your travel niche that might be useful. Also, you may even want to comment on a newsworthy subject, and provide information. This could help other travelers avoid the obstacles that made the headlines. By going public, this helps promote your brand and your organization’s expertise.


8. Quality Backlinks

Be selective with your backlinks. Your site should only allow backlinks from quality sites. A quality site would one that is up-to-date, with responsive design. This site would be well-maintained, with their own quality backlinks. 


Don’t forget to remove old backlinks from undesirable or obsolete sites. These links hurt SEO and your site’s authority.


9. Avoid Quick Fixes

There are some paid SEO backlink programs that give you hundreds of backlinks for cash. While this seems like an easy solution to your SEO problem, this may not be the best solution. These sorts of directories will most likely not include the quality backlinks that Google bots seek. 


Follow best SEO practices, and you will get a profit. It may seem like it takes some time, but there are no quick SEO fixes. Being consistent will help you rank.


10. Internal Link Building 

Travel website linking should not be about backlinks. Internal linking is as important. Good internal links demonstrates to Google that your travel site has authority. In return, they will rank you for this quality content. 


How do you build a quality network of good internal links? Start out with your main keywords. These could be travel locations. For example, Mexico, activities like Heli Skiing trips, or services like travel insurance. This is where you want to do a little bit of planning. 


Write down your travel website products. Put each one on sticky notes, then match them up. You will probably have many minor keyword overlapping, so note this. This overlapping is fantastic, as the internal links prove a far reaching authority on the subject of travel. Now, create content for each of these topics.


11. Main Keywords 

To improve your SEO, each main keyword should have its own landing page. Think of this like an airline hub. Instead of flights going in and out of a hub, links go in and out of that main keyword page. Kindly note that the main keyword can only be used only once. If a main keyword is used more than once, Google will randomly choose the main keyword page, and that may not be the one you want them to choose. 


Link your related content to that main keyword page. This creates a web of links that Google rewards with improved SEO. The content that attached to the links must be of high quality, free of spelling errors and informative. What Google is creating is the top information for each topic. This is the main goal of the SEO algorithm


Promoting travel website with link building requires skills in planning, marketing. The more good quality backlinks you get, the more your website is stronger.

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