Many people are ignorant that VLC media player can also be used for performing screen recording apart from playing media files.  The VLC media player can be downloaded for free from the VLC website. VLC is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7 32bits/64 bits, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium and Windows XP. In this post i will tell you How to Record Screen on Windows Using VLC

To perform a screen recording on windows with VLC on windows you need to follow few steps :

Open VLC media Player and select Open Capture Device … from the Media menu.

Screenshot using Vlc Player




In the Capture Device tab, select Desktop from the Capture mode drop down menu.  There are 3 modes in the Capture mode including Directshow, TV digital and desktop. To record desktop screen you need to choose Desktop

Record desktop with VLC player

The third step is to set the desired frame rate for the capture to 10 – 30 fps for a decent video quality. You can set the frame rate by clicking on the up arrow.

Record desktop with VLC player

You cannot record your voice at the same time of the screen recording but you can stream it to synchronize with the screen recording. The Show More options is an advanced menu that lets you stream audio along with the screen recording. To stream your audio file with the screen recording, check the Show more option box in the Capture Device tab. After that, you should check the “Play another media synchronously” option box in the Capture Device option box. Next, you should click the Browse button to add your audio file.

Record screen with Vlc Player

Next, you should select Convert from the Play drop down menu.


Desktop Recording Software

When the Convert window appears, click on the Browse button to navigate to a destination folder. After you have navigated to a destination folder, enter a name for the screen recording video and press the Save button.

Browse to Record screen on windows

Choose the destination location where you want to save your video after that find the “Create profile button”

Now you should click on the create a profile button and select MP4/MOV under Encapsulation.

Profile Creation Screen recording VLC

In the Video codec tab, check the Video box and set the Bitrate to 2000 kb/s.  There is no need to change the frame rate.

Screen Recorder

After that, enter a name in the Profile Name text box and press the Create button.

Record Screen Video VLC

Finally, you should click on the Start button and refresh your desktop to begin the screen recording. The VLC player should be minimized so that it won’t appear in the video. To stop the recording, you should right click on the VLC player in the Start taskbar and quit it.

You should go to the destination folder you set earlier. You will find your screen recording video in the destination folder. You can click on the video to play back the screen recording to see if the VLC player did record your desktop just now.

VLC player can only be used to record the entire desktop. It cannot be used to record a certain part of the desktop. As a result, the output video will be large in size. To reduce the size of the video, you can decrease the resolution of your screen. You should also reduce the fps value to reduce the screen resolution.

In conclusion, the VLC media player is a handy tool for people who want to record their screens but do not have screen recording software.

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