Social networking apps are being developed periodically but there’s nothing like Whatsapp. Whatsapp is one of the most commonly used software application for communication. You can not only text messages but can also share photos, audios and videos to your friends.  This app is available in almost every smart phone. There is this new feature of scheduling your messages. Using this feature you can schedule whatsapp messages on your android phones.

I get to hear a lot the next day for missing things out. We are humans and we tend to forget some events, especially birthdays. You forget your dear one’s birthday or any special moments. Staying awake late may not be possible every so often.  It might be because you really had a tough day throughout or even worse. Or maybe you are vastly occupied with commitments. What can be done to save your priceless relationships?

Do not worry at all. Whatsapp Message Scheduler is the one awesome app which can help you save your relationships. Schedule the time for a person who you want to convey your message regardless what your time limitations are. All you have to do is enter your recipient’s contact number and text in your message. Your mobile data connections should be switched on while you schedule your whatsapp messages.

  • Download Whatsapp Message Scheduler from Appstore/Playstore available and install it on your phone.
  • Open the app. You will have to grant root permissions when they ask for it.
  • To the very right corner there is a pencil icon. Go ahead and click on contacts and then set the date and time as per your need.

How to schedule whatsapp messages

  • Select this add button available in the window and input your message there. Fill up each and everything accurately especially the date and time or else you might end up with some sort of error.
  • The app shall show a pending status after your schedule is set. This can take a while so have the patience.
  • See that your phone is correctly set in terms of date and time. Once the message has been sent, you will be notified.
  • You can text your friends on hourly or daily basis. The Whatsapp Message Scheduler syncs with your existing contacts listed on your smartphone.
  • You can add multiple recipients; make a list of contacts for sending messages.
  • Schedule the date and time with the recipient’s name. Rest will be done by this app. As per the schedule, the app will voluntarily send messages to the recipient or set of recipients listed. Since this is an internet oriented app like Whatsapp, the user will have to keep their smart phones connected to internet all day long in order to send your messages as scheduled.
  • You can find your scheduled messages altogether in pending messages.
  • This app is also featured to notify their tasks performed. You will be notified when the message is delivered to your set recipients. The notification will press on a message saying that your message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.


Now next time you don’t have to be mocked for missing some important birthdays, anniversaries, etc;   just make it evident that you have wished your dear ones on time. This is how you can save your valuable relationships.  Just don’t let them know that you are using Whatsapp Message Scheduler and let it do all the work while you are engaged with some other stuffs.

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