Gmail allows you to setup auto reply in the event that you are unavailable to reply to emails sent to your inbox. The automated responder feature in Gmail is called Vacation responder.

To setup auto reply in Gmail, launch your Gmail. After that, you are to click on the gear drop down menu on the top right and select Settings.

Setup Autoreply in gmail


In Vacation responder, select the Vacation responder on radio button. The Vacation responder is located under the General tab.

GMail Autoreply

In First day, enter the starting date for the auto responder feature to take effect. In the Last day, enter the last date for the auto responder to stop sending auto replies to emails sent to your inbox. It is optional to enter the Last day date.


Gmail Autoreply 2


In the Subject text box, enter the title of your email content.

gmail autoreply 3


In the Message text box, enter the body of the email content. You can use the QWERTY feature to edit the message content. If you don’t want the QWERTY feature, you can click on the Plain Text link.

set gmail autoreply 4


You can check the Only send a response to people in my Contacts checkbox if you only want the auto responder to send an automated reply to the email addresses listed in your Contacts. You can add a signature to all outgoing automated reply email by entering it in the Signature text box.

gmail autoreply 5


Finally, you should click on the Save Changes button.

gmail autoreply 6


After turning on the Vacation responder feature, you will notice a banner on top of your Gmail with the subject you set just now. If you want to disable the Vacation responder feature, you can click on the End now link. You can go to the Vacation responder in Settings to edit your automated responder email over again at any time.

The Vacation responder will start sending the automated reply email at 12 A.M. of the start date. It will stop sending the automated reply email at 11:59 P.M. of the last date. It will only send the automated reply once to your contact. However, if the contact emails you again after 4 days, it will send the automated reply once more to the contact. It will not send messages to the email addresses that are flagged as spam.


You can create a canned template to automatically reply to a contact who emails you more than once. To create a canned template, select the Labs tab in Settings and choose Enable under Canned Responses. After that, click on Save Changes at the bottom.

gmail autoreply 7

After entering a name for the canned response, enter the message into the email content text box. It will automatically be saved.

gmail autoreply 8


You will notice that the canned response you created just now is listed in the Canned responses drop down menu. Whenever you get email message from the same person, you can select the canned response template from the Canned responses drop down menu and forward the message to him without having to type it.

gmail autoreply 9


In conclusion, the vacation responder feature is great for people who are going to be away from the office. It is also ideal for people who know they are not going to have access to the internet for a certain period.


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