Many times happen we don’t know the proper extension of the files and we face finding appropriate software for it. This happens mostly with non IT background users, Geek won’t need this tutorial : D, File is the only thing that help you identify which kind of file it what kind of software it requires to open it . Let us understand little bit about file extension what is it and how to show in windows 7

What is file Extension ?

Different kinds of files have different extensions that means if i have .mp3. wav, wma it have some basic property that is audio this is how file is recognized with its properties. and we require appropriate software to run that particular extension file before we need to aware of the extension of the file. Once you know that is the extension of the files then you can easily find the software to run it so it is very much important to understand file extension and how to use it. I will show the most easy way show file extension in windows.

This is how it shows in windows when its not showing file extension.

View File extension on windows

In the above image there are 4 files having different extension and it does requires different software to run it but its now showing the  extension like .doc .pdf in the below tutorial you will how you can enable showing file extension.

this tutorial  i will show you how you can show File extension in windows 7 and windows 8 in a few step :

You can show file extension in windows in 2 ways :

  • Control Panel
  • Windows Explorer

Let me show you first via control Panel

Go to control Panel > Folder Option Choose View tab, this is how it look  when you open folder Option

Show File extension in windows

Uncheck the option “Hide extions for known file types”  and then click on OK.

And see the magic its now showing the file extension see the below image.

how to enable showing file extension


The file extension is highlighted with red color and you can easily now see the file extension with the this tutorial : “How to Show File Extension in Windows 7/8”

You can achieve the same thing directly from windows explorer.

In Windows 8.1 explorer, you can access it via View > Options > Change folder and search options. In Windows 7, open Explorer, press Alt on your key

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