With the huge amount of growth in technology almost every day, people are mostly doing every single thing using their smartphones. Since all the work can now be completed by just tapping some options, people or users are willing to buy a smartphone having almost all the advanced features especially the one in which they can insert dual sim.

When it comes to the smartphone, its design, looks, body, storage is not enough, another thing which users mostly check before buying one is whether it contains a hybrid sim slot or not. And today, I am going to explain to you how you can use hybrid slim slot with dual sim as well as SD card simultaneously.

If you are aware with the present scenario, then you must be knowing that it is impossible to use 2 sim card and a SD card at the same time, all you can do is, either use the slot as a dual sim slot or hybrid slot.

So, as the guide is about how to use dual sim and SD card in a hybrid sim slot using hybrid sim slot extender, we will first see the introduction before jumping directly to how to use hybrid sim slot extender.

About Hybrid Sim Slot and Dual Sim Slot:

The moment when some of the best China smartphone companies launched their best products in India, people got excited and started buying the smartphones, as those phones were having “dual sim” slots in which people were allowed to use 2 sims at a time plus it was also having a slot for SD cards. As the time passed, the companies combined the SD card slot and dual sim slots and started launching smartphones having “hybrid sim slot” in which 1 sim and 1 SD card can be used at a time.

But as nowadays people are using more and more applications, they are not able to store music, photographs or videos because the storage capacity is getting over flooded. So, to make your smartphone smarter, you can now use hybrid sim extender.

What is Hybrid Sim Extender?

As the name implies hybrid sim extender basically works as an adapter using which you can use 2 sims and memory card in your smartphone at the same time. Wondering how? You need to read the full tutorial that I am going to mention below. The tutorial will include all the necessary steps on how to use hybrid sim extender. So, without wasting more time, let us see the steps to use hybrid sim extender:

How to Use Hybrid Sim Extender?

The step-by-step guide on how to use hybrid sim extender is quite easy, just follow the steps properly, if you want to implement a hassle-free process:

Step 1:

The very first step you need to do is, buy a hybrid sim extender from an e-commerce website, and if you are already having one then prepare your SD card, sims, and hybrid sim adapter by taking out the trays from your smartphone.


Step 2:


Once you are done with the first step, the next step you need to follow is you need to put both the sims and SD card into the hybrid sim slot extender.


Step 3:

After putting both the sims and SD card into the extender, you need to insert it into the sim trays and then slowly insert it into your smartphone.

Step 4:

After the 3rd step, the process comes to an end. You will be able to see the both the sims card activated at the top bar plus how much storage is available in your phone by going inside the “settings”. If you are facing any kind of trouble then you need to follow all the steps again.

 Smartphones Supporting Hybrid Sim Slot Extender:

Unfortunately, not all users can use this hybrid sim slot extender, smartphones that supports hybrid sim slot extender adapter are listed below:

  • Xiaomi Note 3 Pro.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3, 3S, 3X, 3 Pro, 3 Prime, 4A, 4 Pro, 4 Prime.
  • Xiaomi Mi Max.
  • Asus Zenfone 3.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, E5, A3.
  • Oppo F1, F1 Plus, R9s.
  • Lenovo P2.
  • Infinix hot S.
  • Motorola Moto M.
  • One Plus X.
  • Huawei P8, P9, P9 Lite.
  • Honor 6x.

Features of Hybrid Sim Slot Extender:

Below are some of the fantastic features of hybrid sim extender that will surely turn heads towards it:

  • The adapter supports VoLTE sims.
  • It can read 2 sims at the same time.
  • You can use 2 sims + 1 SD card simultaneously.
  • The adapter is quite flexible and has 0.1mm as its thickness.
  • Compatible with all Android smartphones having a hybrid sim slot.

Why Hybrid Sim Slot Extender Is Necessary?

If you are working in a company where you have to attend lots of calls, images and videos in a day and that too on your private number then even if you are having a smartphone of 128 GB storage a moment will come when you will start getting alerts like “ your internal storage is full”, and at that time it will become highly difficult for you to delete data instantly to receiver the other data, but if you will be having a hybrid sim slot extender, then you can easily input an SD card in your smartphone and store all the media files in it.

So, having a hybrid sim slot extender will be highly beneficial for you to manage your professional life.


So, what are you still thinking? Don’t want to keep your memories safe with you? Don’t think too much and buy a hybrid sim extender as soon as possible and start using it. I am sure that you will love it because of its super flexibility and other eye-catching features. Save all your media files in your SD card and at the same time use 2 sims without facing any kind of trouble.

If you liked the information, do leave your comments below or contact us via email. Your suggestions are always welcomed and we will try our best to provide you the ultimate solutions.

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