Storing and managing large amount of data is not at all easy in today’s date as we have to store number of data which is not possible to store in normal database.

Today we are going to look how we use the software Warehouse Management. We will try to guide you in such a way that this article will be very much helpful to you. First of all let us see what is Warehouse Management?

About Warehouse Management Software?

Warehouse Management, WMS, is a very famous software, used in IT field supporting day-to-day operations which are performed in warehouse.

In today’s article we are going to discuss program named “LoMag”. LoMag is a simple and intuitive program which has been developed in order to manage the warehouse.

LoMag management has various institutes and companies linked with it. It includes various fields like Service Companies, Trade Companies, Production Companies, Construction industry and many more.


How to Use LoMag Management?

Follow the steps carefully which I am mentioning below. With these steps you can easily insatll LoMag Management on your machine.




→ Visit the site .

→ From there, the program will be installed. It will be having all the necessary components which it needs to get installed successfully.

→ The program initially will work on a single machine. If you want to use the program on multiple machines, you need to connect them from a local network (LAN).


  1. Configure the program.


It has various configuration steps. You can study the whole user manual at


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