As an email marketer, at some point, you would have envied the followers and reach of social media marketing policies. Today, many marketers believe in the concept that “Email is dead.” In today’s time, you will see many people even those who do not have email ids or do not know how to access email or have profiles on social media networking sites.

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A perfect blend of email marketing and Instagram platform

Of course, email cannot be denied as the best mode of communication even till today, and you will hardly find any office employee who does not regularly use email. However, when it comes to marketing, then social media cannot be ignored at any cost. It is the primary marketing procedure today. However, again as per the studies, it has been found that there are around 2.760 billion users of email all around the world and it includes both consumers and businesses. The number is still rising with every passing day. Well, then how about using the combo of both social media and email marketing? You can say that both of them are the two sides of a single coin. Both of them have their own identity and value, but if used together can bring a fantastic result.

Huge followers of Instagram platform

Instagram is known for being one such popular social media platform that has recently caught the attention of marketers owing to a large number of followers. With more than 600 Instagram followers, this platform has become the best medium to promote your business. With every passing day, the numbers of Instagrammers are simply increasing. As per the researches, it has been found that more than around 300 users prefer to use this social media platform every day. So, how about blending this social media platform with your email marketing technique?

Now the question is how can you use Instagram for the growth of email list? Is it serious? How is that even possible? Well, there can be many questions in your mind after reading the post till now. Hold your patience! Continue reading to know about this perfect blend for astonishing results.

Make profit with Instagram

As we have already discussed above that Instagram is a powerful and attractive social media platform and its popularity is ever increasing. Email marketers are using this to promote their products and services to yield the best possible results. Instagram marketing is indeed becoming one of the best ways of marketing. Many businesses do not know how to make use of this social platform to make a profit. Many people have even tried and give up as they did not get the desired results. Well, to reap hundred percent benefit from the media, you need to be well-versed with the techniques. Just by learning a few tools will not help you in your business. If you do not know how to use this platform for your business or confused how it works, then this is the right page for you. Below we will discuss the sales funnel of Instagram for the benefits of our reader.

Basic Instagram workings

First of all, the essential work is to gather potential leads using the procedure of Instagram marketing and then simply nurture them towards sales. You will see many brands today that has become highly active on the social media platform. Instagram is preferred as it has lots of followers and thus gives brands a tremendous visibility. When you can manage to get more leads, then the sales will also increase automatically. Well, how?

There are three ways in which you can use Instagram for increasing your email list.

Instagram profile optimization for acquiring email sign-ups

The primary step is to start with is optimizing the Instagram mail marketing flow. You need to add the bulletproof sign-up form to this social media bio in the exact space at the bottom that is given for placing URLs. With the help of these types, you can surely collect quality leads for your business brand. There are many mail marketing services with include GetResponse, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor. These help in framing the custom sign-up forms which you can directly integrate with various platforms. You need to ensure that your forms have particular slots that can easily capture details which can enable you to learn more regarding the leads on Instagram. In fact, if you go for in-depth study of generating Instagram leads, then you can understand the essential information like buying pattern of consumers and their behaviors.

You may need to provide your potential customers with various lucrative incentives to grab their attention. Also, it is a matter of fact to see that the incentives you give are useful to the recipients and they are willing to accept the offer. Some standard options include contests, discounts, samples, promo codes, free download, and others.

Nurturing leads with relevant contents

Once you start capturing leads, you will understand the preferences of your customers. Like, what they prefer to follow, their point of interests, online purchasing habits, the expectation from your brand, etc. Make sure that you keep a watch on every new lead and do not take anything casually. You have to research the aspects of your new customers without any delay. Before even pushing them towards sales, you should try to pin point the factors like their interests, gender, location, buying history, and recent purchases.

Increase your mail list to enhance sales value

Once the process of sign-ups increase, you can directly start sending deals and offers to your customers. Inbox them about your new launches, offers, and discounts. As they have already subscribed to your mails via the Instagram platform, then certainly they will be expected some interactive and engaging content. So, make sure to give value to their expectation and keep them highly engaged all the time. Also, make sure to send only those things which are relevant to them.

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