Want to cast your screen? Do you want to see a mirror image of the desktop screen in your TV? Yes, it is possible now. Number of technologies are being developed every day and developers are sharing their innovative ideas through which the world of technology can get more advanced technology which we can’t even imagine.

This can be done through install Chromecast Extension. Install Chromecast Extension on your machine and start seeing your tab/desktop screen on tv and enjoy surfing on tv.

What is Chromecast Extension?

Developed for watching desktop or tablet screen on television, Chromecast Extension can be used for this. There are number of extensions available through which you can see your desktop screen on your TV but nowadays Chromecast extension is trending. Download Chromecast Extension and enjoy its features and functionalities.

Various types of Chromecast Extensions are Chromecast, Chromecast ultra, TVs with Chromecast built-in.

How to Set up Casting?

Setting up Casting with Chromecast Extension is easy. Let us see which are the steps you need to follow for this purpose. Make sure you have a good internet connection if you want to do it without facing any kind of problem.

  • The very first requirement is if you are not using Google Chrome then download it. Just write Download Google Chrome and you can easily download it.
  • Make sure the chrome you downloaded is of latest version. Chromecast will not work on old versions of Google chrome.
  • Download Chromecast Extension, then pin the Cast Button into your Chrome browser.
  • Make sure the television with which you want to connect Chromecast are supportive. Otherwise it will create problems.
  • The wi-fi connection of your Chromecast extension and machine is same.


How to Cast a Tab from Chrome?

There are multiple methods through which you can cast a tab from chrome. Let us see how. Follow any step from 3 mentioned below and you can easily do casting. It is not at all a tough task if you follow the steps carefully.

  1. Using the cast toolbar button.
  • Click the cast button. It is available at the top right corner.
  • Select the required device with which you want to connect Chromecast.


  1. Through a site which is enabled through Chromecast.
  • Some Chromecast enabled sites are YouTube and Netflix. Open them.
  • There will be “Cast Button” at the bottom right. Click on it.
  • Select the device.



  1. Setting Menu.
  • Open Google Chrome and go to Chrome Settings.
  • In the toolbar, you will be able to see “Cast” option.
  • Click on it and select your device.


So, these are the top three ways through which you can Cast a Tab or desktop using google chrome. If the “Cast” button turns to blue it means it is casting successfully.

Get Free Rewards.

Download Chromecast Extension and earn rewards.  If you are using Chromecast Extension, you can easily get stuffs directly from Google without paying a single penny. Many people who are already using this extension had received stuffs from google.


Chromecast Extension is having very good features. You will enjoy exploring it.

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