Real estate Delhi, a hotspot for investors which resulted in ever growing demand of the property in this city. Properties in Delhi city are showing great appreciation in terms of prices even in the recession period too supporting the Indian Economy upto an extent. Delhi is a hub of most prestigious educational institutes of the country inviting the students across the globe to study and get excellent education in the city. Presence of institutes draws the students towards the city increasing the demand of PG and rental accommodation in Delhi.

Reasons to invest in Capital City

Many parents invest in advance in the properties in Delhi for future studies and settlement of their kids in Delhi. Delhi is not only capital city of the country, it is also considered as a commercial hub of the country. There is a satellite of cities and suburbs surrounding the Delhi which consists of location like Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad which are called as Industrial cities of India. The distance from these cities to Delhi is very less converting Delhi into a preferred location to stay with entire family.

India is considered as an international market hub for various companies of the globe. There is a phenomenal increase in the property demand n the industrial and commercial hub of Delhi .Places like Khan Market and North Delhi areas as favorite destination for businessman across the country. The metro connectivity in these areas makes it possible for the businessman to travel very easily in lesser time period. The transportation facility offered by the transportation companies of Delhi to deliver goods to various parts of country is also phenomenal.

If you are buying any property only as investment purpose and will not be going to use in future years. Don’t worry about the maintenance expenses of the property. There is a huge demand of rented properties in the city, whether residential or commercial ones. The rents of these properties are very high and will be helpful in maintaining a balance between earning and expenses involved in the maintenance of the property. You can invest in any type of property whether a commercial or residential property in Delhi. Return of investment is high in both types of properties.

Earn huge rentals with Property investment in Delhi

There are many students coming to Delhi for their higher studies. They look for residential properties for rent nearby the institute which can be commuted easily. So you can use a property as a PG to earn good rental money monthly. There are various Corporate available in the city that look for, fully furnished houses in the city for the professionals hired by them for a short time period. These corporate pay high rents for the fully furnished property available nearby the office.



You can invest in a commercial property, also where it can be used by Corporate to set up their office or as a warehouse by industries depending on the size of the property. You can even invest in the properties available in the Multiplexes and shopping malls. There is a huge trend of buyers buying essentials from branded showrooms. So any invest in these big shopping malls can be fruitful in future.

You can even tie up with big corporate houses where they will be arranging small events or parties in your property area which should be well maintained and located in good localities of the city. Even you can provide accommodation to the professionals visiting Delhi for some training or meeting for couple of days. Instead of staying in Hotel to avoid homesickness they can stay in your apartments in Delhi which is fully furnished with all modern facilities to provide a comfortable stay to the people.

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