The Heat of Summer is ON and now people have no other way to pass their time. Under such circumstances, the latest launch of .io Games has proved to be a great relief for many Gamers out there. There is no question against the popularity of the .io games. Since last one and a half year, they are ruling the mind of gamers.

The set the trend which was made firm with the launch of A real time quasi-genre, which made the Gamers stick to it. With so many .io games around, it isn’t possible for the users to try them all. You just have to play the one, which you love the most.

In our present article, we are going to describe you about the New .io Games. So that you can go through them and choose that one game, which is meant for you.


The fastest growing .io games. Most updated and installed and gradually increasing its size. The is on the top of our list of New io Games. It is a feature-based game. There are various animals with their own speed and qualities. You will be either one of them. It is an enjoyable game. You have to just eat the stuff like berries. And your task is to reach the foremost position in the food chain. And you will win the game.

2. is another versatile game on our present list of .io games. It is a kind of bouncing game which will test your physics knowledge as well as skills. All you have to do is to bounce from one rope to another. If your lucky enough and your timing is good. You will succeed. But you also have to take care of your timing as there are as many as eight competitors standing against you. Just a little practice and you will be a master.


The is a game which deserves the first spot but didn’t make to the top because of its complexity. This is a basically shooting based game. You can enjoy it even with your friends as it is Multi Player enabled. It carries one of the best graphics in the game. If you love shooting games and you love variation. Then probably this game is made for you. There are many variations you can do while playing the


It has been noted that the small wonders go unnoticed the most. is one such game. In this game, you get to face nine other players in the same pong. You can choose your own kind of skills as well as themes and all you have to do is to put other down. Out of the ten players, the last three people alive wins the game. It is one of the most competitive .io games. You just need skills and dedication to win the game.


Our list would have been incomplete without the mention of It is the best from the house of .io games. Even though it has been One year of its launch. This game is still going best all across the globe. And there is a strong reason behind it. It is the most easy to play game. And the participants can perform well and have fun with it. It is very much easy to learn this game. All you need is just a little dedication and patience.

We Hope that this article on New .io Games will help you to choose the best game for passing your time in Summer.

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