People are discussing about GST all over India. Some are happy with GST and some people are having issues. You know that now we are everywhere a common tax is applied which is known as Goods and Services Tax (GST). Because of GST multiple types of cascading taxes is now included in GST by central government.

Software developers at have developed an amazing software known as LEDGERS GST Software. Let us see about LEDGERS GST Software and which benefits we will get using this software.

About LEDGERS GST Software

Developed by LEDGERS is a cloud based GST platform which can be useful in various fields. The basic agenda of this software is to help in businesses with their GST compliance requirements. The software is quite simple and user-friendly so if you are a new user then also you can easily get an idea about the software regarding how to use it and what this software serves you.

The GST Software is developed for all kind of businesses, whether it is a small scale business or medium scale business.

How LEDGERS GST Software is useful?

Let us see how the software is useful for us. There are many things which you can manage using LEDGERS GET Software. Some of the things which you can do is create invoices, record purchase invoices, customer management, account for payments, supplier management and many more things. If you are trying to use LEDGERS GST Software but facing problems, then there are advisors to help you.  You can contact to IndiaFilings Business advisor and tell your queries to them, they will help you and provide you the guidelines related to the software.

Free Version Vs.Paid Version?

You can have grab the advantage by using the software freely. If you like the software then you can go with the paid version. In free version you will get services like Single Business License, Unlimited Invoices, Unlimited Estimates, Customer Management, Customer Onboarding and many more. On the other hand, you will be get the same services but then you need to pay for it. If you are selecting the basic package then you need to pay Rs.4899/yr, if you go select the standard package then you have to pay Rs.9899/yr, and if you choose the premium package which is for professionals then you have to pay Rs.15899/yr.


Looking at the features and functionalities of LEDGERS GST Software, it is an amazing platform for those who are doing business.  Shift to paid version only if you are comfortable with the free version. Read all the terms and condition carefully before paying for any package.

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