Most of the people like those very expensive gadgets for various reasons which include; to obtain best quality of a product and others to raise or maintain their social status. However there is one very mysterious thing that cannot be avoided even with the most expensive gadget.  I know you are now wondering what this mysterious thing is. I don’t know what you might have guessed, but the one word to describe it is “accident”. This is something that is unpredictable and can cause breakage of any gadget like falling down unknowingly and many other sudden external forces that can cause a gadget to break. It may result to wasting a lot of money on replacing broken items.

To avoid this, the following low-tech hacks are the better remedy;

  1. Using springs to prevent charger breaking

This may look very ridiculous but shielding your charger with a spring reduces the chances of the charger breaking since there is no regular contact with the real cable of the charger. This is the cheapest solution to prevent early breaking of expensive phone chargers. Spring can be obtained from older biro pens and many other old items with springs. They can also be bought over counter at cheap prices and evident by the latest technology news, this is one of the best remedies.

  1. Spoiled earbud replaced with ear plugs

Sometimes bought items may be so disappointing. For instance if you buy your earphones today and its earbud bursts within the first few weeks, most are left cursing the seller. You know what? Immediately after cursing, don’t throw it away and go for another expensive item. Be wise and economical enough to buy cheap earplugs from a shop and put it in place of earbud.

  1. Hangers not only for clothes

While the main function of hangers is to hang clothes, it can also be used to suspend tablets or phones. The only difference is that one hanger is used for one cloth while two hangers are used for a tablet. This is a sure way of ensuring your gadget is safe while you are asleep using already available tools. Of course you cannot buy a hanger specifically for your tablet.

  1. Ear phones volume button as a tool to take selfies

In this era of smart phones and ipads, taking a selfie photo has appeared in the world news headlines as the most rocking feature of the smart phones. However this has resulted in breakages of many of the expensive gadgets due to falling down in the process.  It is also not very convenient to take selfies using your fingers. Simply inserting earphone on the port on your gadget and using the button control will save you the struggle.

  1. Notebook cover double use

Walking around with our naked iPads can be very tricky and careless. We are basically exposing it to the danger of breaking or even being noticed by thugs. Here is a wise solution! Take your notebook with hard cover, obviously the size of your iPad. Cut out the front cover just like the newly bought covers then stick it to your iPad as its cover. It is a cheaper yet secure way of shielding your iPad.


  1. Improvised smart phone stand

With the busy schedules in offices and a lot of activities at home, one definitely needs a strategic place to keep his or her smart phone to avoid careless storage and misplacement. Cassette cases are the best improvisation of the smart phone stand. It is something that would have no other use after the cassette is spoiled or gets another collective storage with other cassettes. Using it will promote maximization of the available resources which is a nice virtue to have.

  1. Gift cards got another function

Everyone has those special moments in life, be it a birth day, valentine’s day or anniversary of something special. Basically you cannot miss to be brought gifts on at least one of these memorable days. Traditionally most of the gifts come with gift cards, but this is not our main concern. My advice is, always store those gift cards because at one time you may want to keep your head phones from being tangled and gift cards offer the best solution. They are wrapped around the headphones for protection


You might be seated there at home reading this article and you have totally given up with buying new expensive items or struggling with the handling of your high-tech gadgets. Now stand up, with exhale with a sigh of relieve because the above elaborated hacks are going to offload the stress you had concerning gadget handling. Low-tech hacks have appeared in the world news headlines as a perfect solution for high-tech gadgets.


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Margaux Diaz is a technology and gadget geek. She has an interest in writing and has written numerous Articles related to gadgets, electronic instruments and new technologies. Her main motive is to help and support people around the world and give them information regarding new latest technology. She is an inspirational writer who strongly believes in the power of self-motivation.

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