Lay your hands on authentic images that give more mileage in user engagement

Images are great tools for designers for easily connecting with users and it is normal to see a good amount of pictures used on websites.  With easy access to stock photos, it might seem that using images is very easy, but the fact is that it is not as easy as it would seem. Regardless which kind of image you choose to use, you must ensure that it is relevant to the content and above all, authentic. The virtual world is a world of make believe where you can create and manipulate images in the way you want and this poses a great challenge to its authenticity. Unless you use authentic images, users will not take long to identify the deception, and it can harm the website’s credibility.  Puerile pictures or taking recourse to clip-art just does not work.

Since the purpose of using images is to create enhanced user engagement, the photos must have the ability to resonate with viewers. They should start feeling something meaningful when interacting with the website. Users should get a realistic feeling by looking at the images, which is never possible with unreal photos.  In this article, you will come across some techniques that would help to use images to your advantage in creating compelling designs for websites. It is time that you say no to stock photography and become more creative in using real and authentic images.

The human mind is image based

Images have special appeal for humans, and you must capitalize on this trend to get an edge in designing websites that are highly appealing to users.  Images have the power of transcending language and allow a better understanding of the topic under discussion.  Banking on the fact that the majority of information we consume originates from visual interpretation, using quality images provides much more credibility and acceptance of websites to viewers.

The human mind decodes language in a sequential and linear form that obviously takes longer time. On the other hand, the human brain is capable of deciphering images almost instantly as our minds react quite differently to visual stimuli. The brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text and almost 90% information that reach the brain are visually based. Just as a child recognizes visuals much before they start speaking, ideas those revolve around images reach users much faster.

The standout features of an authentic image

Images in the form of photos, illustration and videos are widely used for websites. For making users interact with the site, you need to include great pictures as part of the design. However, the most important thing is to choose authentic images for which you must have clarity about what lends authenticity to images.  For determining the authenticity of images, you must look for its relevance to the brand or message because the closeness represents how authentic the picture is. Authentic images are capable of generating trust among users who get attracted to it. Moreover, it also builds a relationship with the brand or underlying message by creating a direct connection to it

By using authentic images in website design New York City that have a close semblance to the persona of the user base and the audience, you give the audience the opportunity of relating themselves not only to the images but also to story that it carries. The real looking images convey emotions as it reflects the real life that demands more attention.

The source of real images

Authentic images are often unique to the brand or message it carries. An easy way of achieving it is to commission a professional photographer for creating still images or videos, especially for your website. Customizing the pictures is an excellent way of creating real and authentic images. You can do it in many ways. Images of your office showing the workplace is a good idea, and you can even use pictures that form the landmark of the area where the business is located. You can also use pictures of the staff and even tell something about their personalities and profile. Using images of some of your best customers is a tested way to uphold the credibility of your business as well as using product images that customers display with pride speaks about its authenticity. However, this does not mean that you close the doors to stock photos.

Make stock images look authentic

Stock images do not always fit the bill as it lacks authenticity and can make it look far from real. But when budgets become a constraint that prevents you from creating customized images, you can tweak stock photos suitably to serve your purpose.  Here are the options that you can explore.

  • Select images that have depth and displays balance. Give preference to images that depict scenes with some action but avoid showing people holding placards that display drawing charts and signs.
  • Depending on the message to convey, ensure that the image displays the desired emotion. The body language of the people in the photos and their facial expressions should exude the emotion accompanying the action whether it is simply something light and funny or some toiling that they have to do.
  • Avoid using close up of faces and do not dare to use images that use assortment of unnatural elements.

A few images would suffice

Since pictures can tell a thousand words, there is no reason why you should go overboard in using images. Instead, use images with discretion so that you do not overload the design but remain cool and poised with selective use of images. Using a few high impacting photos and videos would have a much greater effect than using hundreds of images that tend to convert the website into a photo gallery.  Your ability to create visual emphasis is what would work in your favor and not how many images you use.

A reliable way of selecting authentic images is to invite the response of some others during selection so that you would know how it makes them feel. Just ensure that their response matches with your website objectives.

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