From now onwards do not slur yourself with monotonous films as the oculus has launched The RECALL in association with VR. The RECALL film is produced by Bridgegate Pictures and Minds Eye Entertainment.

As we embark into the future of technology we are proud to be at the forefront of Feature VR content. This is the start of new Innovated ways to tell stories to the online, gaming and streaming communities

—  Executive Producer and President of Bridgegate Pictures Guy Griffithe.


The Recall VR abduction was customized by Brigegate’s Travis Cloyd. The film was directed by Mauro Borrelli who is well known for Pirates of Caribbean and many other great movies. Concerning the Recall VR Abduction, Josh Courtney, Travis Cloyd, Kevin DeWalt, Daniel Masters, and Wesley Snipes were the VR producers that oversaw the creation of the film in association with Brigegate’s Pictures, SkyVR, Minds Eye Entertainment, VMI worldwide, Invico Capital, Talking Dog Studios, Maandi House studios, and OneTouch . If you are engaged with VR or Oculus rift then the short film will entertain you in best way with the Hunter, Wesley snipes’ character in the film. When you will brawl with the aliens or fly across the British Columbia, you will ascertain with the VR experience which makes users of virtual reality headsets feel like they are part of the movie.

Perusal of the RECALL Film:

When five friends move out for vacation at a remote lake house where they expect nothing less than a good time, they were unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass abduction.

How VR will trait the film RECALL which can be viewed by Oculus headset?

Virtual reality is technology that allows the film to connect on a real human level, soul to soul, regardless of where you are in the world. Virtual Reality enables a new platform of perspective taking by allowing an individual to embody the form of a virtual avatar. There have been several virtual reality devices that find several ways to enter the market to complement Oculus Rift to enhance the game experience,

Even before you hand pick your pair of touch controllers, you know how to use them. Intuitive actions in VR will make you feel like natural as you are using your real hands. The graphical user interface is very much familiar and friendly to use by any normal person.

Oculus are maker of VR headsets the film a VR companion film which serves with:

Virtual reality films which are not just about the tech and gizmos, they are the part of a complete package which includes the stories along with subject. VR gives you a pleasing experience on the films and VR remains incompatible when it comes to fighting scenes. Also it may not work well for intimate story scenes in the addition of VR.

Oculus   tapped talent from Oscar winning animation company Pixar along with the video gaming world to head up story studio at Sundance film festival. Rubin reviewed on oculus that “Oculus is still absolutely committed to growing VR companion film and creative content ecosystem. You can watch a traditional film in VR. Oculus, for example, has an app called VR cinema, which drops you into your own virtual screening room. You can virtually sit anywhere you wish, while gazing at a huge, view-filling cinema screen. According to reports last year, 20th Century Fox plans to make over 100 of its back-catalogue movies compatible with the app, including AlienTaken and Die Hard.

How much does it cost?

The Oculus Rift is available for $600 and this price does not include the high end computer necessity to operate games and experiences for the device, which may set user, back another $1,000 or more. Also things not included are handheld controllers — like the ones necessary to use “The Martian VR Experience” — which Oculus will start selling later this year, with pricing still to be determined.

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