LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing business oriented social networking sites today and its growing now and then. Doing marketing on linkedin could be one of the best strategy all you need to know the right way to promote your business on linkedin.

So, when doing Social Media marketing on LinkedIn, try to avoid these mistakes in order to generate qualified leads for your business.

Don’t spam post

People don’t like to receive sales or marketing messages in their profile, so don’t spam post in their network because it can be irritating or annoying.

There are plenty of ways to use LinkedIn as a productive tool, so avoid being a spammer. People can block or ignore you. You can lose customers by posting the same information constantly, so use LinkedIn wisely to avoid being blocked and harming your reputation.

Don’t post frequently like social sites

Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites, people post there excessively, but that should not be done on LinkedIn. One or two post per day is sufficient. LinkedIn is one of the best networking tools available today, but it is not a place where you can post a huge amount of content daily.

Avoid posting multiple times in a day, because people get tired of these unwanted posts. Post relevant updates that won’t take the attention of your audience away.

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Don’t opt for fake likes

Every business wants more traffic and more likes on their page. Having a lot of likes is good for your business. But, fake likes can harm your brand image greatly. Customers may lose respect for you and your product. Getting likes can give your business a good reputation, but not for a long time.

Fake likes are never helpful for a business when trying to understand its target market. Real likes enhance your brand reputation and can even help you increase sales.

Don’t make your profile private

LinkedIn is the most important resource for professionals. LinkedIn can increase your efforts in sales or endorsements. A private profile shows limited information to profile visitors. A public profile is visible for all users who are not signed in to LinkedIn, and they can see all the details which you want to show them.

You want your profile to present you in the best possible way. In public profiles, you still have control of how you want to appear in search results. Try to update your profile regularly.

Don’t go for forced recommendations

It is good to increase your network and create relationships, but don’t ask for recommendations from someone you don’t know. It can be a reason for people to leave your page. It can be irritating to a person because they can’t decide whether you are genuine or not. Try to build to build relations with your connections by engaging with their content.

Be specific in recommendations. If you constantly ask for recommendations, it can harm your brand image in a drastic manner.

Don’t opt for mass marketing

LinkedIn is a professional marketing tool, but people use it as a free email service. Don’t use LinkedIn to send mass emails to customers. You could be blacklisted or blocked, which will hamper your efforts to use the email. It can affect your relationship with clients over the course of time.

Your email can be considered as spam and will ultimately be deleted. Users are very smart today. They use security features and spam filters, which automatically blocks spam and unwanted emails. You should be careful when you are sending invitations for your network.

Don’t ignore recommendations

Don’t ignore recommendations of others, it can be helpful for you. Especially, if it comes directly from a client or expert professionals. This is the place where people post their content. Everyone who knows you can post about you.

People can write positively or negatively about you, positive content can boost you and negative content can help you improve your brand image. It helps you to acknowledge the problem. Be generous and don’t comment negatively.

Don’t join too many groups

LinkedIn is the most targeted business networking site. People create groups on LinkedIn and all these groups have numerous members. Groups are useful to increase your brand value and help you achieve several business objectives.

You can share messages and get involve with members.  Don’t join too many groups, though, because you can’t be a part of discussions in all of the groups at one time. You can’t post comments all the time. Learn how to use the group to grow your business. Select relevant groups which are related to your industry.

Don’t repeat or copy contents

Avoid posting the same content twice. No one likes to see you promoting your brand all the time. Don’t copy content from others to use for yourself. That is one of the worst ideas. Quality of content is important for the customer. Good content can be beneficial for your business.

It shows your knowledge and helps you increase traffic to your page. Avoid coping content and spend time in creating original content.

Don’t edit customer posts

You can get in a touch with a person who posts negative reviews on your page. Customers give reviews according to the service provided. Don’t get involved in editing or removing customer’s posts. These reviews can help your business to enhance productivity, so try to solve their problems.

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