Yeah we all now marketing is the nerves of every business whether its a small or big.  Every business do marketing in order to get sales or say to make money. Marketing any business requires lots of efforts and even time depends what kind of marketing have been chosen. If you are using linkedin for marketing your business then this post will sure gonna help you out. You all have the task that needs to be done on daily basis and that too repeatedly, can’t you automate these task ?

Yes you  can i have listed top 10 LinkedIn marketing automation tools to automate your daily task.

10 LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tools


Buffer is a great tool to direct potential traffic, grow your fan base and save you the time and money that you’re spending on social media platforms. Buffer assists you in scheduling social media updates from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. You simply need to add the social media platforms where you want to post scheduled updates.

This tool drives more clicks and increases website traffic with the right audience. LinkedIn posts scheduling is really easy with Buffer to boost your reach and engagement with users.

Buffer is available for every type of business, whether it is small, medium or large. You can go with the free trial, where you will be able to connect with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn pulse is a LinkedIn application which is really easy to use to read your newsfeed in a professional manner with complete insights that matter to your business.

With this app, you can personalize your newsfeed by choosing other networks and LinkedIn influences.
This application also allows you to participate in conversions by liking, commenting and sharing articles you like among your network to enhance traffic to your website.

If you publish content via LinkedIn pulse, it boosts your business’ brand awareness and reputation with quality leads. It also increases traffic towards your website.

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Oktopost is a great automation tool to manage your social media activities. You can build a plan to schedule content in advance for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and twitter.

This tool permits you to study the analytics for each campaign with clicks, conversion rates, and engagement.
This automation tool offers a geo targeting function for LinkedIn company pages in order to expand your reach with location based promotions. Oktopost updates you about comments and discussions which are ongoing in your networks.

It also assists your business with smooth integration with third-party platforms such as and Market, to get analytics and manage leads.


HootSuite is an automation tool used to manage your social media presence. It assists you in controlling all your social media profiles on a single dashboard.

This tool allows you to know who is talking about your business. You can monitor 35 social media platforms, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc., in one place.

Analytics reports are also sent to email addresses with detailed information about clicks, geographical location, and referrals.
HootSuite also has a cross platform feature, so you can use it on any kind of device. This tools enhances engagement with your prospects and provides you with real time analytics to optimize your LinkedIn advertising campaign.


SproutSocial is a powerful tool that offers social media marketing, social customer service and social media management features. You can post your content across Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn to boost engagement of your business with your prospects.
This tool also allows you to measure your advertising efforts to optimize accordingly.
This automation tool creates and nurtures enduring relationships with customers. You’re able to publish across multiple networks and devices with SproutSocial. With it, you won’t miss any updates and social messages. To get an overview of this tool, you can go through its 30 day free trial.


Rapportive is a LinkedIn plugin tool that assists you in incorporating your LinkedIn business page with Gmail. It enables you to have a look at each and every detail of your contacts in your Gmail.
You will get a summary email on the right side about existing connections showing who they are, where they live, what they do and any shared connection between you and the user. Install this plugin to manage your connections and grow your network.


Dux-Soup ensures easy sourcing. It is a plugin extension that you can add to your Chrome browser to get a virtual assistant with LinkedIn. This automation tool is known for LinkedIn lead generation. Every LinkedIn profile that you visit is tracked and saved, so you will be able to extract that data in a .CSV file.
Dux-Soup also allows you to save notes for each profile; such as you need answer a question, respond to an invitation, what you need to comment on, etc., to save you lots of time. The basic edition of Dux-Soup is free and the professional edition costs you $15/month.


FiveHundredPlus is an application that assists in getting the most out of your LinkedIn business page.
This app is usually employed by companies in order to manage their leads. Its prime goal is to track the last connection you were in touch with in your audience to initiate and communicate with your older customers.
You can supervise up to 10 contacts with a free plan and a premium plan ($14.99/month) assists you in managing unlimited contacts.
Being an owner of the application, you can change privileges, rename and delete team members, remove members and invite fresh members to join the team.


LinkedIn is specifically designed for professionals. eLink is an automation tool to get the attention of new clients and generate leads at the same time, when you’re engaged with other things. Its main objective is to connect more users with whom to do business.
When you visit a users’ profile, eLink emails them to enhance your business brand awareness. This tool process 800 prospects profiles in a day, so you can get your potential customers to have a connection with them. eLink also plays an important role in boosting your brand awareness.
eLink always helps you to stay in peoples’ minds. To try it, you can take advantage of a Free trial or you can go for a paid membership.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a social media marketing tool that is specifically designed for businesses and marketers who care for their businesses. This tool allows you to inspect the performance of your LinkedIn business page.
You can also learn about your other social media analytics such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc., in order to grow your audience across the platform.
This tool assists you to do complete research of your audience and competitors, post updates and measure insights like engagement, activities and conversions. It also provides eBooks with explanations and strategy kits to assist you in succeeding

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