Online shopping is like an ecosystem and its parts are represented by online stores. Like every ecosystem, online shopping is changing: some shops, products and services appear while others die out because can’t stand the competition.

Having an online business, you are part of this ecosystem and it’s really important to find your place here. The main key to it is having an engaged community and happy customers. That’s why merchants strive to meet searchers’ needs and desires. Having happy customers means having more sales and loyalty.

There are different ways to make customers happy. Why not begin with gifts? I’m not talking about giving gifts now, I’m talking about helping your customers buy gifts for their friends and relatives. Well, it’s not a “how to buy gifts” guide, it sounds weird. Instead you will find important info about gift cards features and their importance for customers’ loyalty and engagement in your store.

Why Use Gift Cards

You are constantly trying to widen the range of the products in your store. But imagine such a situation: you have so many different cool products that a client can’t decide which one will be better for his friend. Extensive choice may be worse than lack of choice as a user can look through numerous products, like many of them and finally fail to decide which one to buy. Unfortunately, such customers often leave without a purchase.

Gift card feature is a great way-out here as one can give it instead of a real present and the receiver will find what he needs himself. The best thing about it is that the purchase on your site will most likely be completed.

Gift Cards Options

Ability to choose value

The budget of your customers may be different, so the value of the gift cards you offer should also be different. You can either offer pre-defined value like $50, $100, $200, $500, etc. or let your clients define it themselves. They will definitely like such flexibility.

Appealing design

Remember that this is a gift card, so its design should be appropriate. Moreover, our tastes differ, so give your customers a choice. What is more, you can let them upload their own designs to customize the gift card.

Different types of delivery

When it comes to online stores, we mostly communicate by emails. So you can send a gift card via email. But this is a gift, remember? So it’s not enough just to give a code or a picture with “that-is-your-gift-card” statement. You can print the card and send it by post office! In the 21st century many of us have forgotten how it feels to take a letter from the post box (I’m not talking about bills or spam now). This feeling is so pleasant! Make your customers feel it.

Wrapping up

Remember I was talking about online ecosystem at the beginning? You should understand that engagement matters a lot in it and if you fail to achieve it, your ability to be a healthy part of the ecosystem may suffer. So make sure you are using top-notch marketing techniques. And don’t forget about gift cards, this is a modern tendency that should not be overlooked.

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